Early Memories of the World Wide Web

Getting banned from Yahoo Answers several times

Looking at American fundamentalist Christian reviews of films and music to laugh at them

Looking up old video games from the 90s for hours on end

Printing off a pretty non-explicit in retrospect picture and hiding it in my room and then getting scared and putting it in a public bin so it couldn’t be traced back to me


The NME chat rooms


You are very wonderful


netscape navigator

Yip, Maddox

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Thought I was in the daily thread and was pretty confused

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mum picking up the phone to hear computer bleeping followed by mum screaming to get off the internet

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Searching your friends’ names on Google

Finding a website where a family sharing your friend’s surname are researching their genealogy and asking people to email in with any info

Emailing said family from school email addresses with friends

Being called to the headteacher’s office

Writing a letter of apology to an entire family in Cornwall

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(honest, click this please)


Even just the pre-Google days were mad.

Think my search habits varied between: Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, AskJeeves and Dogpile.

Being groomed by a Canadian paedo on ICQ - I stopped contact when they asked me to post them photos

Putting way too much thought into my MSN messenger status message

Downloading .wav files to attach to actions on my computer. Whenever you emptied the recycle bin the janitor from Die Hard 2 said “I’LL BE DAMNED IF I’M GONNA CLEAN UP THIS MESS!”

Downloading multiple songs labelled as Weser and them actually being songs by a band called Oswald’s Walking Connection


Downloading 20mb episodes of The Simpsons that were so pixelated they were largely unwatchable

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What a game, man. What a fucking game!

I was always kind of scared that friends would Google me and find the proto-Roscoe and Marlon bizarre comics I used to post on a Harry Potter fan site

Then it reached a point where I was sad they’re unable to be found cause they were a nice snapshot of my sense of humour at 12 or 13

Now I’m kind of glad they’re gone cause I think one of them had JK Rowling as the hero and I’m like nah fuck that noize



Bringing about the demise of Teletext:


Buffy swear keyboard




Looking up sebadoh guitar tabs and the scorecards from the 1981 Ashes. This was 1994