Early morn Bloody Mary Saturday thread


Good day team,

At the airport about to fly to Dublin for some boozing and some gigging.

What you all up to this fine weekend?


hi lo pan!

I’m supposed to be playing tennis in a couple of hours which is why I’m up already.


Drank and ate too much yesterday so feeling sorry for myself this morning.

Probably just lie in bed listening to podcasts, then watch football, horse racing and boxing with a takeaway and crywank thrown in.


How’s your tennis game these days Bam?


really shit mate. still it’s a sunny day and it’s good exercise so I don’t really care


Seeing one of my ATDs this afternoon. Might go shopping for a new bed tomorrow as we’ll have space for a king-size at our new place.


Up too early. Off out for a ramble around Epping Forest later. Hope it stays this nice out. Need to make coffee. Mmm coffee.


Morning Lopes and everyone else :slight_smile:

Feeling good this morning. Went to a fancy restaurant with Mrs CCB last night (first time we’d been to a Michelin starred restaurant), then walked up the big hill back home, stopping for a drink halfway. Not used to hills!

We’re supposed to be going to Dartmoor this morning but it’s a bit misty; Mrs CCB’s dad is walking round with a furrowed brow.

Today’s Old Children’s Book Of The Day:


Nearly there…


Just had to check on the gerbils as the ill one had a stroke yesterday and one of his back legs was sticking out so he wasn’t walking well. But he’s still going for now, although I’m not sure he’ll still be around by the end of the weekend.

Gonna revise most of the weekend out in the sun and go for drinks in London this evening (but only 2 so I’m not hungover for revising tomorrow!!) and for a Mexican meal with friends tomorrow evening. Assuming no gerbil funeral is necessary.


Working with me old man this morning; helping him rip out a kitchen. Really don’t mind the early start as it’s a great bit of exercise plus that first pint this afternoon will taste so, so sweeeeet!

Safe journeys Lo-Pan! Hope Girl Band play another blinder :beer::guitar:


off to a bbq/drinks at 4. gonna do some house cleaning and go to the gym before that


Going to Brighton today to play tambourine/act like bez in a mates band for their gig tonight.


Last hockey match of the season, almost certainly going to lose, however it’s a lovely day to be out and about. A little hungover from a retro drinks night last night so planning on sweating it all out. Seem to have acquired a bit of a fly problem in the flat so I’m going all out Armageddon on them this afternoon. If I can get up the courage to open the kitchen door first.




Got lots of work to do but might go for a walk later. Was at the beach yesterday and I miss it so much already :sob:


Just been plodding around the house since I got my wisdom tooth out on Thursday, still pretty sore. Today: more plodding. Supposed to be doing a run tomorrow, will see how I’m doing by tonight.


Morning guys.

My folks are here (bleurgh) but luckily not staying with us (yay) but we need to make the most of their car-driving abilities and DIY skills so today will mostly involve driving round your classic DIY shops. Maybe we will buy a BBQ too. Maybe.


Blasting the new Smith Street Band album. Doing a big leo sayer in Leeds today with some all time atds. Kicking off with brunch in ox club. Have a wonderful weekend all.