Early morning black wednesday thread



Hi guys
You still up? Just getting up? I’m up with the wean, in shock, obviously.
Working from home today. How to find the motivation? Expecting a big bit of good news in the office, gonna be a strange atmosphere I reckon. Might start smoking again. What’s the point in not?
What you up to today?


Have to get out of bed but I don’t want to :sob:


Got an exam in 3 hours. Woke up at 4 and can’t get back to sleep. Fu


Good luck Jordan!


I’m fucked mate




3 hours left isn’t too bad, coffee, breakfast and going over some notes then going straight back to sleep after the exam :coffee:


Woke up at 6, saw the news had some beans on toast for breakfast. Work, which 59% of the time will be spent talking about the news then a gig later so will eat tea out somewhere. 8/10 day I reckon.


Morning all.

Had two dreams. First one was that Trump won by one vote. Second was that @1101010 Theo was giving evidence in an inquiry because he accidentally killed a fellow soldier during a military training exercise.


Do you believe the two are connected


Woke up.

Pouring with rain.
Trump about to become President
There’s a major Tram crash incident in Croydon

Had better starts to a day


Maybe Theo killed a Democrat. But no, they were from separate parts of the night!



Got a ton of work to do. That will keep me busy. Hooray.



Woke up from three hours sleep completely unaware of where I was. Then remembered.




Everyone wish me luck!


Haven’t slept yet, planned to go to bed around 1am once Hillary had swept a few important states but we know how that turned out. At least America can chuck him out in 4 years, Brexit is much worse for us in the long run. Going to spend the next few hours finishing off some work then I’ll probably get to bed around lunchtime, might even make it to tonight without a kip.

It’s snowing here in Leeds which is nice :snowflake:


Lots of luck to you!! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Im going to the states in two weeks. Would really rather not now.


It’ll be fine, you’re white.