Early morning Sunday thread (NOT also incorporating an evening thread later on)




I’m up early on a Sunday because my deadline for that interview I spent AGES transcribing yesterday is in two hours. Should be alright, just need to finish a bit of translation and then cut down quite a bit to meet the word limit. I know I’m getting paid for this but not how much, better be worth it FO REALZ. Looking forward to napping later so, so much <3

So gang, how is your Sunday morning? What are your plans, if any, for the rest of the day? How is the weather? How is your head?




Answer my questions please Jordan


Hey WR
Feeling good, had a good 8 hours kip. Plans = watch sport (last night’s UFC, football and NFL), practice Japanese and eat food. Not had a look outside but I’m guessing it’s mild, maybe damp. My head is good. Only had half a bottle of wine and a G&T so feeling groovy. Think I’ll skip breakfast after eating all the food last night. Need to pack my work bag too.

Hope you get a good nap in later


Good luck with your deadline WR!

I don’t remember getting in last night / this morning. I’m covered in grazes. Been awake for awhile and don’t feel too bad but I haven’t stood up yet. I imagine eating food and sport watching are my plans for today. Weather looks nice out etc.


Morning whiterussian!!

I’m okay, though I’ve slept in. I’m heading through to Glasgow today to watch my friend judge a baking competition, then I think there’s plans to wander round a christmas market (I’m not that fussed about it) and then venture to the pub (better) though… honestly, all I want to do is go here…


I might have to shuffle everyone in that general direction, I’m sure they’d thank me for it.

Good luck with your work :slight_smile: and enjoy your napping!!


gonna have a shower, go to the library and come back to watch some football


On baby duty as baby mommy is “sick”. Lucky this coincided with us getting a baby harness (?) Yesterday which seems to have knocked him out (it is either this or the 3 bowls of porridge, bit of toast and a jar of fruit)


Oh and Morning, sorry bad manners


morning wr, morning all

about to head to the laundrette to do two weeks’ worth of washing, then my brother-in -law’s gonna help me sort out the gears on my bike, and then we’re gonna go for a ride if the weather stays nice.

it’s looking good at the moment:



Had a nice bacon and black pudding roll from the canteen.

Woke up with the theme tune from Diddy Kong Racing as an earworm. Fantastic.


My head is OK this morning, after my carcrash hangover yesterday I decided not to get steamed last night. So I feel pretty good!

I’ve got quite a lot of things to do today, a few errands to run and got to sort a few things for job interview on Tuesday. I keep having quite strong waves of ‘what am I doing arrrrrgh’ when I think about this interview. Yikes.


Morning chaps. UFC early doors, then Christmas tree shit, then Christmas card shit (shouldn’t complain as I just write them- wife’s spent a lot of time making them), then maybe present wrapping shit to get it out of the way. Hohoho. Feel like spending a couple of grand on something frivolous which is about standard for this time of year. Probably won’t buy anything.


Good luck with the interview!


Yeah best of luck @stupidsexyflanders!


had a bitchy post about middle class boxing fans planned but gonna save it for the next big fight now


gonna hit up the studio and get these deadlines met - christmas to commence in 4 days!


thank you pals!



Stayed at a friend’s last night so going to check out their local Aldi as it’s a good one then heading home. Feel like I should do something more cultured so might head to the art gallery but hungover so idk.


anglos a sunday all