Early morning Sunday thread (NOT also incorporating an evening thread later on)



gonna hit up the studio and get these deadlines met - christmas to commence in 4 days!


thank you pals!



Stayed at a friend’s last night so going to check out their local Aldi as it’s a good one then heading home. Feel like I should do something more cultured so might head to the art gallery but hungover so idk.


anglos a sunday all


Morning all,

Need to take a branch off the bottom of my Christmas tree before I decorate it.
Have to go food shopping, but will be able to sort out a couple of people’s presents whilst I’m at it.
There’s the ever exciting washing and ironing of shirts for work.
Going to do a batch cook of Butternut Squash pasta sauce this afternoon it think.

I finish for Christmas early Friday afternnoon. Will someone be doing a working days left audit thread?



Swanson Choi is the best fight this year. By a mile.


I was at the work christmas bash yesterday evening and i got drunk for the first time in a very long time! :wine_glass: :scream:



Ta, I’d completely missed that.


Just started the main card
Prelim spoiler the spinning heel kick KO :fearful:


Loved that!


I am hangover baby




Got some work to do as I spent most of Friday chucking my guts up from a delicious hangover.

Then I wanna cook up loads of stuff, pickle some beets, pickle some onions for my friend, that’s it really.


New thread: DiSers as movie posters

Meanwhile, I have finished the interview thing!!! Well, could still get asked to edit some things by the editor but that remains to be seen


should not have had that curry last night!


Good doughnuts from there


previously posted elsewhere

good luck with the remains to be seen :thumbsup:


We managed to lose our shopping last night, so currently trying to track it down, almost definitely a lost cause. Pretty fucking irritating!
Oh and when I say we she thinks it’s me, I’m getting all the blame here.
Breakfast seems like a good idea