Early musical idols

Who were the people you really loved/admired when you were 13 or so?

I was that age in 97/98 and my choices were pretty typical of the era- Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love/Trent Reznor

Kurt Cobain still seems like he was a very decent person. Courtney and Trent not so much, but then they’ve had more time to disappoint everyone with their personal failings.

Every so often I think about how lucky it was that I latched on to Nirvana, rather than say Guns ‘n’ Roses, at that age. I got a load of great music and book recommendations from reading old Nirvana interviews, and an early introduction to issues of equality.

At 13 it was probably Eminem and Linkin Park, Blink 182

then probably the libertines lol

Probably whatever my older brothers were listening to, so Oasis, REM, various other popular late 90s rock bands.

Conor Oberst and Morrissey :frowning:


At 13 I was just beginning to get into REM.

Then came Oasis, Blur & Pulp within 12 months and then onto Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins & Pearl Jam.

At the age of 13? Stuff like this:

I didn’t really get into bands for another couple of years. I used to borrow my sister’s walkman to listen to the Top 40 every Sunday; I’d pretend to my dad and my brother than I was listening to the football as I was worried they’d make me stop.

We used to get given these A3 plastic sleeves with a piece of cardboard inside for reinforcement to hold work for art and DT, and of course everyone would collage the card with pictures relating to their interests.

Schools still use them, but they either don’t allow the collages or the kids are disinclined to make them. I guess they have stuff like tumblr or pinterest to collect images now.

I also made some bad knockoff screenprinted/transfer printed NIN and Hüsker Dü merch in textiles class.


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Eddie Vedder

Time to get some shiny silver trousers, Robert.

It’s time.

They’re calling you.


At 13 it was about 80% of the bands in any give week’s Kerrang! magazine tbh. Was just getting into that whole thing via White Zombie and Marilyn Manson. Great role models, one and all…

I’ve never really gone in for hero/idol worship, but the closest would probably have been Kurt Cobain, Loz Hardy and Nicky Wire, mebbes? This was in 1991-92, when I was 12-13.

John Barnes and Terry Pratchett meant more to me at that age.

lars ulrich probably

was a drummer so favourites were always drummers

I had a long-sleeved Nirvana shirt that was huge on me. Being an adult male sized t-shirt and me being 13.

There was a thing at my school of wearing a zip-up band hoodie instead of a coat. A large, baggy one. (I went to a girl’s school, and the hoodies fitted very few people). The no 1 choice was Korn. I had a Smashing Pumpkins one however, bought from one of those bootleg tshirt stalls that were always outside big gigs.

(What happened to them?)

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I can’t work out there if Billy’s hoodie is also made of shiny plasticy stuff, or nasty velour.

had so many band t-shirts that changed colour or disintegrated after one wash

At 13, probably Adam Ant.

When i was 5 or 6 I had a post of Gary Glitter over my bed…


My early teenager years were all about bands rather than individual people - Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, the Offspring, Green Day etc. Don’t think I cared about the members at all.

I bought an REM t-shirt from one of those bootleg stalls with Michael Stipe’s face on the front. Only problem was that when I put it on I realised that the print was rather off centre and it just looked as though he was sniffing my armpit.


Thought I didn’t love/admire anyone, really.