Early Risers



So which of you are the 6.45am lot like me? Not out of choice either, just horrendously awake very early without wanting to be. I don’t start work til 11 and my commute is a half hour so there is absolutely no benefit to my getting up early, and yet.

I feel like we’re a select club, but one with no point. But enough of DiS - are you an early riser?

This has been the early risers intro



today was up at 6.20am but yeah, i had to get to work early

normally awake by 7.30 these days, even at weekends

i do enjoy the odd lie in but they’re getting harder and harder these days


i got up at 8, and seeing as i don’t have work i’d say that’s early


Get up at 6 on weekdays, whether I need to or not. Don’t need to leave the house till 7.45, but it’s nice to potter around, not be rushed, maybe have a second coffee if the mood takes me, and do a nice, leisurely poo.


Nearly always awake before 7. Most days I don’t start work till 10. I’ve just accepted it as another sign of my disappeared youth. That and the hairline. And all the wees.


why do you all start work so late


up and about at 5.30 me sen - best time of the day brother

usually hit the wall around 1pm, but as I don’t have a ‘conventional’ job, I just go to be for a couple of hours. beautiful!



Pub hours. Normal shifts are either 10-6, 6-11.30 on Monday or Tuesday and 6-2.30 all other nights.


The 3:20 am panic attack combined with waking at 6:30 am when I know I need to be awake until 2am is so wonderful. I can’t remember the last time I slept for more than 4 hours in a row.


Bookshops ain’t fast


I don’t know if you’re down with medicating but melatonin saved my life. I still get the same very few hours but I sleep through and I sleep deep. Worth it


man…I’ve got some beautiful jazz tips to help you attain the ‘solid 8’ we’re all looking for. drop me a line if you’re interested


And I’m sorry about the panic attacks too. One of my family goes through that nightly, it’s shit :frowning:


Yeah. I tried melatonin a few times (mostly when travelling) but find it leaves me groggy for 3 days or more. It’s the same reason I can’t seem to take antihistamine. At least taking nothing I can function without feeling like I’m wading through porridge.


I def wake up groggy. Have now got into the routine of having a glass of water for 10 mins and then doing a half hour of exercise which usually seems to push through the molasses feeling


My alarm goes off at 8:10 which I’m very happy with. Decided that when the darkness comes I’m going to try and cycle in the mornings before work which will mean a wake up time of around 6:30am…


As of last week my life has changed and I can now luxuriate in bed until 6.30! In work a little before 8.

Thanks for reading.


Me! I consider 8 a.m. a lie-in, even if I’ve gone to bed at 4.

Normally up around 6.30. Don’t need to leave the house til 7.45.

I could be really productive in that time but normally I just prick around on the internet. Although this morning I did do the washing up.


Yes, I do tend to get an erection first thing in the morning, thanks


You deliberately make drinking a glass of water last for 10 minutes?