Early Saturday thread


Cant sleep in anymore. Gotta go out and do some shopping today and buy presents and easter #eggs. Then off out for a piss-up later.


Someone’s invited me on a bike ride but I’m not sure I can be fucked.

Morning Eric. On a train going through the Bulgarian countryside. It’s pretty pretty.

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How the tables have turned!!


I’m gonna go in the sea in a bit.

Still got a stinking cold. Waiting in for a beer delivery.

Might have a hot cross bun.



Had a few beers last night. Would’ve liked some more sleep but it’s nice being up early. Gonna go on a bike ride with the TV. Nothing else going on today.



Watching ‘slaughter videos’?

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I nearly slipped into Theo mode when drafting a reply to you. Storybots videos. (I’d recommend the solar system songs if your son hasn’t heard them before!)

Ah, cheers. He’d be well into that!

Assuming I can drag him away from the slaughter videos.


Pigeons keep landing on my window and waking me up in the morning. Cooing bastards.

Morning! I’m going to view 2 houses today in Morden after the mortgage advisor meeting went really very well.

After that we’re swinging by Wimbledon to see Matty Bourne’s production of The Red Shoes as a wee late birthday treat for Mrs J_I :dancer:t3::man_dancing:t3:


Felt really ill last night - horrible headache, dizziness, nausea, a bit of discomfort/lightness down my left side and the overbearing feeling that something terrible was going to happen - which all sounds pretty serious but has happened a few times before and after sitting in A&E for a few hours i’ve been told blood samples are fine and it’s probably anxiety-related so what can you do?

Got a few days off, but not a lot to do as my main drinking/OOOFTfooti buddies are all working or away. Been trying to do other stuff, but even reading a book’s proving hard and getting a bit annoyed with myself for always doing the same stuff. Should just be getting on a train somewhere today and taking in the rays, but i’ll just go to the pub i always go to, read the paper i always read, go to the bookies, then sit at home watching sport for about eight hours.

0-2 down at half-time.

Morning champs.

Had a fever last night so just slept for 12 hours. Think it’s gone but has left a pretty bad sore throat.

Gonna do a bit of work this morning then lunch at my sisters then beer festival in Leeds. Should be a good day.

Picking up the keys for the rental house in Leeds! Think it’s gonna be a slightly odd day as we aren’t properly moving for another couple of weeks so will have virtually no furniture or possessions in the place.



I’m already on the train to the gym. Got a barre class then a weighted spin. Tbh I can’t be fucked today cause I’m tired and have mega period pains but I’m going for tacos and drinking later so best I’d go.

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