Early Saturday thread

I have to work today and it feels like a total injustice. Gonna meet an ATD for nice food and beer after though so that’ll keep me going.

Wuu2 bbz?


Been and done the food shopping.
Need to wash the bathroom and hoover
Then will have a bbbq and watch the football.


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What food you having later?


Awake since 4.30!
Playing football at 10.30!
Opticians so they’ll give me contacts!
Football and beer!


Morning! Driving up North to visit parents in a bit. Let the family make a playlist for the drive, currently have The Greatest Showman soundtrack, Florence and the Machine and Snow Patrol :grimacing:


:wave: tilly
:wave: matt_was_
:wave: keith
:wave: imipolex


This is a permanent fixture in my car at the moment too. It’s almost enough to make me want to give up driving.


Dunno, just going to see what’s on at GRUB.

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Fuck me it’s warm out. I’m sweaty already :frowning: showering this morning was POINTLESS

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Morning all.

Sorting out the logistics of temporarily disposing of kids and animals this morning, before an ATD’s wedding later on today. It’s going to be a hot one.

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Alright Tills? Sorry you have to work today, what time are you finishing for beers and food and ATD?

Heading to Warwick in an hour or so to meet some m9s and hang out with their 1 year old babs for the day. Gonna bbbq and watch the footers.

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Morning. Think I have a bit of a bitty day coming up, things to do with the kids but I’m not sure when or on what order.

No plans tonight either. I need to make some exciting plans but I probably won’t

Hi. Did some exercise in the park this morning.

Now I’m free til 1! Might read, but might just do some work. :confused:

Oh and I’ll watch the football too. Hopefully with my son

I have woken up with eyes like itchy raisins. How’s your hay fever today DIS?

  • Horrendous
  • I don’t get it (Tory option)

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Hoping my overdose miracle cure works - one antihistamine tablet, two squirts of antihistamine nasal spray and two squirts of sudafed nasal spray. Gives me a sore throat and I’m probably going to end up looking like Daniela Westbrook but worth it to stop the public snot streams.

Off to Hyde Park in a bit, looking forward to bands, beer and sunburn :+1:

The internet tells me it’s 23c out there right now (before 9am!!!), rising to 31c later today, so I guess my plans for today mainly involve melting into a puddle of goo.

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I have to take the cat to get her final shots. She was sick on the armchair again but I think it’s from a certain treat food I’ve given her each time - oops!

Then I have a bbq later and tbh I don’t wanna go cause I’m so hot and dehydrated and this weather makes me not want to drink so I dunno what to do

Two men are currently fitting some laminate flooring in our lounge so we’re hiding in the bedroom. Already boiling.