Early Saturday thread

My hayfever has been horrendous the last few days. Eyeballs feel like they are on fire.

Today, food shop, clean the house before my dad comes round to watch the football as we’ve got a big TV.

I’m going to work shortly, though not to do any work. There’s a free brunch with top class food and booze (on the top floor roof terrace overlooking the Thames) to give us a good start to the day’s Pride events

Right now, though, I’m remembering the events of 13 years ago…


Going to meet a baby then going out for lunch. And I’m collecting my new glasses later :eyeglasses: I got prescription sunglasses too so we’re now guaranteed bad weather until the end of time :sunglasses::cloud_with_lightning:

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Doing whatever I can to stay cool today. Debating whether to go and watch the football with friends in a pub or just stay indoors, probably the latter. If I try to go to Tesco at any point before 3pm it’s going to be rammed, right?

i went to tescoS at 7am

it was near empty

Theyre trying to finish by lunchtime aren’t they…? :smiley:

I’m up early to get a bus to Clonmel so I can see my Nan, my parents and to play a gig on Sunday. It id fucking roasting here already.

I do have to get a birthday present for my Mam and pick up posters before the bus so it’s going to be a rushed morning.



I went to Asda, Morrison’s and coop before 9am… all deserted :laughing:

Back up to Glasgow today.
Then football and ma ATDs birthday drinks. Probably gonna be a heavy one, hutnwould happily just phone a pizza and sit in the flat and drink

What tennis did you manage to watch ?

Underlay is down, some of the flooring is too. They’re working quick!!!

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Share a pic after… so far your place is looking great :+1:

Ok I’ve procrastinated enough… time to clean :sweat:

Fifty-two people died. My life was saved by rock’n’roll.

Roughly how long do people think this football match will last today? Is that a silly question? I know nothing.

90 mins + 15 mins half time if it doesn’t go to extra time.

Extra time is 30 minutes

Penalties could be 5-infinity

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Thank yooou xx


:world_map: :trophy: :soccer:

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