Early Sunday thread


Anyone running the marathon?

I’m going to bed. Night!

good morning, nerds


I am awake.

Eating cereal, waiting for frasier to come on. Got a crackin headache, doubt i’ll be doing a lot today.

morning all. not going to do very much today. will probably head along for ‘pedal on parliament’ later but other than that i’ll prob just be lazing around.

Deafheaven was last night, got quite drunk afterwards. Leeds is a great place, wish I came through more often.

Now to get on a train to York, to get on the same train my partner is on as it travels from Newcastle to London. The hassle is because quite twattishly I booked our tickets then remembered I’d already arranged to go to Leeds the night before.

Happy Sunday all!

Frasier and Niles have bought a restaurant together and you wont believe how badly it’s going!!!


Morning all, it’s my parents’ anniversary so I’ve invited them up to stay tonight. Off to Scarborough for a bit this morning, we’ll get some fish and chips, then we’re taking them out for a meal in Leeds tonight.

Anyone got any good ways of moving conversations away from Jeremy Corbyn?

Mention the Saints bank holiday policy, read up on all the patron saints then dazzle them with facts about each of the patron saints?


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Wife’s surprise 30th went very well. Can’t believe I managed to keep it a secret for so long. At one point last week I was convinced she thought I was having an affair.


Was there a cake?

It was crying iirc.


You can have cake without having an affair, you know.

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Morning all!

My legs are really sore - I think I did more exercise trailing round various shops yesterday than I do playing football.

I need to do two lots of lesson planning today and maybe some marking. I also need to buy tinned tomatoes because we need them for a tagine and I forgot yesterday.

We’re going furniture shopping. Thrilling times swait us.



Not sure how long we’ve had them, but someone seems to have given us a set of circular M&Ms World themed playing cards*

* okayyyy I went to M&Ms World**
** not really

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Had a nice time yesterday at Manchester Punk fest, sad the ATDs couldn’t make it. Someone told me I look like her nephew.