Early Sunday Thread

Unmitigated disaster of a night. Went to bed at 1.45, kid woke up at 3.45 in an absolute state. Think it’s teeth related. Nothing can calm him down. Only plus side is that 6 Music are playing Lael Neale which is lovely.

Anyway, hope you all have a good Sunday when you wake up

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That’s awful rich I’m sorry mate :frowning:
Those nights/mornings are totally grim. It will end.

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Morning tr00ps

Was on a stag last night. Was one of those where merging groups of friends fails slightly due to personalities. We went crazy golfing which was fun, and had nice food.

I was home and in bed at 11pm. The rest stayed out as per.

First time I’d been in town at night for a long time. Its fucking mental. Haha.

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First morning of our Snowdonia holiday with my wife’s family. Silly toddler woke at 6 as per in a weird mood. So tired, although less tired than @rich-t I imagine

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Breakfast with the Hoogster then got half a day on my own in London. Will probably just walk around for a bit

Also I looked super cute last night and felt good about myself. Forgot to take a photo ofc.

A stag party member took the piss about my hair and called me Hans Gruber all night.

Morning all!

The Child still has a cough. I was meant to be lying in today but Wor Lass was very asleep.

We’re all awake watching Aladdin (Will Smith not Robin Williams) now.

Oh it’s my :cake: day


Happy birthday Jordan Numbers!

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Happy Birthday x

Happy birthday!

Morning, just sat around waiting for cricket. Gonna have a pb&j bagel and coffee

Morning all :wave:

Not sure what’s happening today - probably do some house stuff most of the day. Weather is looking lovely though so that’s a bonus.

It’s not my birthday. Just my cake day on drownedinsound.com


Up and bombing to the bootsale.

Then it’s waiting for our new sofa…ooh so yellow!

Doing some work, making some dinner, fire pit I reckon and then Sunday :sob: until bed.

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Kid fell back asleep around 5.30. I cba to go back to bed so I stuck a full EITS from 2016 on and dozed on the sofa. He woke back up at 7, other kid did too, so I’m doing breakfast whilst my wife sleeps in. We’re onto a mogwai concert from 2017 and my daughter is loving it



Need to nip to Sainsbo’s when they open for some dinner ingredients.

Mom and dad are popping around for an hour or so later.

Need to do a bit of revision for an assessment at work tomorrow.

Just had to remove a rather large spidery boy from the bathroom. What a start to the day!

CW - spider

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