Early Sunday Thread

Sore throat :cry:

Radcliffe and Maconie are not good in this Sunday morning slot

Absolutely not. Always a disappointment.

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Good morning, friends. i have a cat on my foot.


Could really do with one of those Pete Docherty breakfasts

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She jumped off exactly I pressed send. ofc. cats.

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I just started l startled a cat in the garden by doing a very loud fart, so I know how you feel.

(I wasn’t even in the garden, I was inside, with no windows open.)

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No boot sale as apparently we need to clean everything and everywhere. :person_shrugging::sob:

Also just saw an awful example of a manouncement on Twitter and don’t know whether to call it for what it is. Everyone is oooh! What a keeper and it’s like…NO!

Think I need four large cokes from McDonalds

About to go swimming for the first time in… well, you know… with the boy. Burgers for dinner, last fantasy draft this evening then might go through my emails before returning to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off :sob:

Yeah, do it.


And link us up

A what?

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“so *this* happened…”

Announcing a relationship/hook up maybe?

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Think it’s when a man makes a big thing out of doing something his partner normally does everyday. ‘Wow! Just spent 2 hours ironing!’ That kind of thing.


When men say

I’ve taken the bin out
I’ve unstacked the dishwasher etc

Like normal household tasks that they announce they’ve done because they think it’s deserving of praise.


Happy Birthday! :tada::partying_face::birthday:

Mate, you should have seen the amount of washing up I did yesterday


What a keeper! #thisguy