Early Thursday evening thread

Hi everyone,

Funeral went well. Lot of people couldn’t make it because of self-isolating, but I was pleased at how many people turned out. Hopefully we can do something for his 80th in October to give him a proper celebration.

What you all up to? Anything good on the telly?


Hi dingers, glad it all went ok.

Made these fucking delicious sandwiches and homemade chips for tea

Probably gonna carry on rewatching Downtown Abbey and fend off the Sunday night dreads.


did a proper


at that pic


oh my good lord. :drooling_face:

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Steak, onions and mozarell. My reward for spending 45 minutes waiting for Mrs F’s prescription at the pharmacy.

Evening/afternoon, just stopped raining here. Everyone soaked to the bone, told all to go home early. Need a hot shower and some coors stat.

Hope all are doing well.

Teaching round someone’s house (the kids are doing 10min quiet reading rn) the second I’m sick I’ve lost every penny I can earn as my school job is term time staff and I wont get paid for holidays or anything :sob:

Glad that today went as well as it could. Condolences.


Opened my first beer at 4pm. It felt like I’d exercised some restraint in this regard.

To keep me occupied I’ve also taken delivery of a Game of Thrones seasons 1-4 box set this afternoon - having never seen any of it before. I hope it’s not shit.

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QNI tonight. I might start reading books again rather than ducking about on my phone. I found Bill Drummond’s 45 (that he wrote when he was 45) which I’d been meaning to dig out and read, now that I’m that age too.

At work until 8.30. we are currently selling fresh air. Shop is trashed. Some sort of stir fry thing for tea apparently.

Poor sweet naïve weeber

1-4 are good and occasionally great iirc


oh mate, it’s such a shitshow. hope you have a nice relaxing evening when you get home, at least.

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Back at work for 7am, so probably not. Delivery we were meant to receive tonight has broken down, so double deliveries tomorrow morning

two thumbs up

Removal was bizarre, only fifteen people there compared to the hundreds that would normally have been there. GF hijacked the CD player in the funeral parlour and started playing Glenn Miller, which was good.

Off for food now, few drinks afterwards. Funeral in the morning then.

Oh my sweet Summer child.


Do you think you have to be nude to have sex with ghosts? I think you can probably keep your clothes on.

Ah I’m sorry you had this today. Hope the funeral mass goes well tomorrow :heart:


Oooh the complete set of series, nice.


Can’t believe how knackered I am.

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