Early Thursday evening thread

hey @anon75298087 you were in a dream of mine last night, we were hanging out in the desert with taylor swift. she was there shooting a film and you and i just seemed to be hanging about the set.
there were also loads of ray harryhausen characters about the place. :grinning:
Good wee adventure. :+1:


A sad lack of detail where your questions could have been answered:


Le Amethystoi!


Ghostbusters suggests otherwise, but that was a dream within a film, so I’m not sure how reliable that is.

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Washed my bluetooth earphones with my clothes today. That’s gonna cost me a hundred quid to replace :frowning:

urgh :weary:

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First time in my life I’ve heard the word “boosterish”

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Sat in my dinner and knocked it all over the sofa.

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Hi all,

Much love to you and yours @anon75298087 and @Kallgeese

Just accidentally turned my camera on and thought I had suddenly grown a massive spot on my chin but it turned out to be hot sauce, phew! :blush:

Reading a :open_book:
Stroking my :cat2:
Going to watch Ben Gibbards live stream from yesterday in a bit :musical_score::heart:


Thank you and @kermitwormit for your input here I can finally sleep at night (or NOT wahey)


@Kallgeese my aunt has been doing our family tree and we always knew we had a lot of Irish in there but turns out one of the distant cousins is this lad



Tofu stir fry for dinner, I did a soy/honey/ginger marinade for it and it tasted pretty dece.

Desperately want to leave the house, was hoping to have gone for just a little walk today but didn’t make it for various reasons.

Going to read if I can and that’s my evening.

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Tom Clarke??? Amazing! You can join Ruffers’ and I’s gang of revolutionary relations!

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Just in the pub waiting for my ceviche to…mature? Ferment? Whatever it does

The very same. Gonna have to plan a trip over to investigate further I think.

Both him and Frank have a good tache game! If you come over let me know, we’d show you the sights!


I’d definitely end up summoning a “sexy” oap who died last year and wanted to know how Brexit was coming along


Thanks dingers, I hope you’re all okay there! Having a well deserved glass of wine now.


Prince Philip wasn’t sexy.

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