Early Thursday thread



been up since 4.18AM, like a fucking chump. dear oh dear. am I ever gonna get a solid nights sleep again? probably not.

who is up? @Smee ? that other guy?

what you up to today, folks? not much on me sen. playing tennis later. gonna have to use my friends racquet, as I smashed mine up in a fit of rage a couple of weeks ago. this ain’t gonna go well

other words


I’m up, at Manchester airport having a beer. Flying to Berlin :slight_smile:

2 Trams didn’t show up so got a taxi. It’s busy here. That’s all I’ve got.


Flights delayed from 7:00 until 12:15??? :rage: WTF!


aww man. that fucking sucks!


I see the reply function is still screwed


Now 15:50 :joy: Jesus wept.




Fucking hell.

Is this Easy Jet? When I flew to Berlin with them last month both our flights were delayed. Pretty sure you’ll get some compensation. Do you have to stay in the airport?


Yeah man, I’m penned in. Got £12 to spend (no booze). How many slices of toast?


Hi silky.

Not much to report. Opening work today so need to leave in a minute. Probably need to go to Lidl later. Got some special DiS guests this weekend and need to stock up :ok_hand:


I am so tired. Might make a bacon sandwich in a minute.


Train in to work. Got a clear day with a 5pm deadline. Will probably piss around until 4pm then do it all in a mad rush.

Kids slept well last night so not feeling too bad for a Thursday.

Have a great day y’all


gotta give docs a poo sample in an hour, havent been yet and dont need to go tbh :open_mouth:


oh yeah, it’s thursday


No booze is the killer. Might go back for the free samples later in duty free.


oh yeah, Thursday it is. @plasticniki - can you sort this out?


Like matt_was_taken, also stuck in Manchester airport waiting for the Berlin flight!

Been up since 2am as we got the train from Sheffield, complete joke how tired we are. Taking it in turns to nap and luckily have a few books to read but boredom will set in soon, can already feel it.


went back to bed for half hour. had a strange erotic dream involving some colleagues from way back when. it was alright, I can tell ya


Morning team! Can feel another bout of carpal tunnel coming on in my right wrist . Hoping I can avoid the worst of it by pre-gaming on ibuprofen before it gets bad.


just bumping this one to the top of the page. battle of the day threads now on