Early Tuesday Thread

Morning all.

Woke up at 4:10 and unable to get back to sleep. Had a bath and waiting for the first train of the day… Hoping to nap on the way to the office.

On the plus side, I get to leave early - about half 3 maybe as I’ll be in early. If I’m not comatose by then I’ll go and watch Dulwich take on Brentford B in the London Senior Cup semi final.

How excited are you for today?

Got up early to get my hair cut, only to find that the barbers was closed (might call them in a bit to make sure everything is okay…)

Last day in the office before annual leave - I did a bit of work last night and I’m hoping to get everything wrapped up today and have a very quiet and short WFH day tomorrow.

Overslept by half hour like a dickhead. Ooops. Sat in the car waiting for it to defrost. Hopefully nothing of note will occur today.

Absolutely my best case scenario too.

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Having to weigh up sending R into preschool with his cold vs. me being an absolute state mental health-wise and not fit to parent.

He isn’t eating proper breakfast and is a bit chesty so not looking good for packing him off to preschool :frowning:

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We’re pulling our team leaders together today and bashing their heads together, so I’m sure there’ll be some shit from that

Had to reprimand a clown who thought a busy station platform was the place to weave in and out of waiting passengers on an electric scooter. Safety nerd he_2 was fully deployed.

Close called the fucker too, that’ll teach him right and proper!




I’m knackered still even though I slept for 9 hours.

Getting the train and bus to work as I’m going to Barnet v Carshalton later with a couple of guys from work, so it’s easier getting the train back.

Got quite a lot of work dread, after work levels started to drop to a level that I didn’t have much to which was a worry in itself, now loads of new stuff has come in at once which I need to prioritise and organise. Also got meetings today, which I’m rubbish at.

Sounds like you’ve got as competent colleagues as I have, but on a much bigger and more fucking annoying scale.

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Going to have a canteen brekkie.

Bacon and beans. Woop!

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Not been sleeping well lately and I’ve had a cold for weeks.

Off for a swim, not been for a week which is annoying. Booked a babtsitter so i can go again tomorrow as once a week seems pointless but booking babysitters makes it £££

Morning all,

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt sbout days when i commute to Kent, it’s that the weather makes it foggy, just for me, which really is a great kindness. Doing some world class loitering in the vestibule again, idolising those who’ve already found the time and convince to acquire their first coffee of the day, while also feeling mild pangs of hunger sickness.

I hope these Kent trips don’t become a regular fixture, as the novelty of spending so long on trains could quite easily wear off. Thats said, it was nice to go for an evening stroll across London with a couple of cans last time, so i might treat myself, once more.

No. No thank you.


Ooh, i could go see Narrow Head on my way back through London tonight. Don’t think I’ll do that, though.

Am listening to the Lightning Seeds for the first time in maybe 20 years. If you can get past the memories of TFI Friday then there’s a goldmine.


Lightning Seeds & The Beautiful South >>>>>> Blur & Oasis. Don’t @ me.


Taking the train in today cos I have to go to some bullshit “roadshow” later

(it’s not really bullshit and also it means I’ll get to go home early, sweeeeet)

Feels spring-ish today :heart:

Also got this on, one of my all time faves

I like saying ‘don’t @ me’. Makes me feel still in touch with what’s hip.