Early Tuesday Thread

Jolification or GTFO


Seem to be in a really good mood for absolutely no reason. Probably means something really shit will happen today.

Probably going to go to the pub after work to watch United v PSG. Nothing else of note to report.

In Edinburgh last weekend it was light at 7:30am and 5pm. It was SO NICE.


I’m at about a 2.3 on the excitement-o-meter. (Which for those unfamiliar with the system goes up to 10)

Yep I was listening to Jollification. It’s actually a really decent album.


Sounds dangerously high for a Tuesday morning!

I just got on the train, which means a solid 20 minutes of Minecrafting.

Ah, that explains the extra 0.3 :+1:

I should have drove. Trains not moved in 15 minutes.

I think i’ve had like 2 or maybe 3 hours sleep

That’s unusual for trains in this day and age… :flushed::grimacing:

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I used to love them

The britpop references also help.

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Feel like beofre too ling I’ll have tried every coffee shop in Victoria. It would definitely seem weird to get two coffees from the same place

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Got the off work! :grinning: going to the dentist to have an abscess sorted :sob: my poor face.

The day The Bluetones don’t have a new album hit the top 10 is the day I give up being cool.


I know. It just went so well last week with perfect connections. Who was I kidding.

Morning all.

I’m not having today. Just plain not having it. Everyone back to bed, we’ll try again tomorrow.

Hope you’re all well.

Morning all!

A day of Lead Parenting followed (hopefully) by a haircut. I’ve also got Book Club tonight but I hated the book and I’m not sure I have the energy to drive that far south of the river and back.