Early Tuesday Thread


Early daily thread for this very dull looking Tuesday in November.

How are you this morning? Good night? Plans for the day?

Im shattered, mini s_w was v unsettled so sleep was broken. Waiting for her to fall back asleep now so i can grab a shower and a coffee. Not together, that would be silly.

Got a parent and baby group at 10am so thatll be nice. Then i might pop over to the outlet shopping centre as ive got some birthday money and im a bit fed up of beng in the house.

Call this early? I’ve been up two hours already

Doing the washing up from last night’s birthday party and feeling a bit sore

Loads of work to catch up on what with being sick and moving flats in the last month + loads of life admin to do what with moving flats, our old place being ripped out, insurance & builders to deal with etc etc etc

Got leftover lamb madras for lunch though so that’s something to look forward to

V sleepy today. Was lovely laying in bed last night listening to the wind wooshing round.

Ummm, no plans, was hoping it’d have calmed down enough for a coastal birdwatch, but I don’t think so. So I’m not sure what I’ll be doing instead.

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I’m on parental leave! So obviously up at 5am :yawning_face:

Not sure what we’ll do today - maybe a museum depending on the weather.

Morning, 50% of the house has a sickness bug, 25% may have had it and is now press ganged into doing everything feel sorry for them. The other 25% is mithering for breakfast and watching numberblocks.

Going to be a long day.

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Morning all!

I slept really well until 3am and then had an hour of being awake for no reason at all.

I reckon I’ll drink coffee all morning while I’m at work, then come home and do some marking/ computer games n the afternoon.

Chicken kyivs for tea which I am very excited about.

Slept well for the first time in ages so that’s nice. Really enjoying having multiple skylights to listen to the rain on at night. Got a pretty mundane Tuesday ahead, worst day of the week imo.

Morning! Ours is also sleeping badly at the minute. Nothing exciting on today, although a client paid me so I guess getting to do a food shop is a bit exciting. We’ve also got a dinner out without the baby later this week but means we need to really clean the flat before our friend comes round to look after him. Jesus I’m bored just writing this.


Had a decent sleep until the dog came and jumped on the bed at 4am or something.

Was going to go and probably buy a car but not sure I cba paying money for a metal box to sit on the drive rotting away. Might still go for a test drive - something to do innit.

Another one in the not-so-good baby sleep club here :raising_hand_woman: He’s currently asleep on the boob though while I drink coffee. We’re going to baby cinema later on and for a mooch around town. I’m off sugar after last night’s biscuit hangover, so don’t let me get any sweets :melting_face:

Morning all :wave:

Slept really deeply last night, for the first time in ages. Got a WFH day today with online training this morning, then I’m back out living the travelling salesman life tomorrow.

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Gonna make a slow cooker sweet potato curry I’ve decided. Just need some ginger


Good morning. It’s my day off but I forgot to change my alarm, so woke up at 7 anyway.

Plan is to make a moka pot, tidy my room then go for lunch :slight_smile:

Oh and my knees are incredibly fucked up from running around this hillbound area of London. They should really flatten it out a bit

Ooh what will you see at baby cinema? I looked into it after you mentioned it before and ive found the one in Derby shows decent releases and thats the nearest one to me but still about an hour away.:see_no_evil:

Woke up around 5 last night and couldn’t get back to sleep for an hour. Same the night before. Weird

Job interview at 9.30am! Pray 4 hex :pray:


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Brain is wrecked. We bought an American rare book shop and I’m dealing with their staff while in UK, so currently operating in two timezones and a bit shattered tbh. It’s nearly ‘done’ (this round of helping them move to a new process) and I will sleep like the grave this coming weekend.

Morning folks. No torrential rain in the note, so no being woken by the rain on the velux sounding like shingle falling on the glass, and no being woken by the fear that one of our leaks is going to develop into something considerably worse and the house is going to fall down.

Might get a haircut today. Might start a thread about haircuts today. Unless we already have a thread about haircuts, in which case I might just post in there