Early Wednesday Thread

This is early for me cause I have a call in a moment and i’m not quite awake yet…

I’m going to look at this 13 year old cat called Princess today to see if it wants to come live with me.

Look at her!!


What are you up to?
Dealing with the heat ok?


Morning Meowington, Princess. That’s such a classic cat-being-photographed expression she’s got, you need that in your life!
Today is my Saturday so I’ll be mostly moaning about being hot and doing some errands and jobs around the house. Might drive a car tonight for the first time in about 10 years, it’s been nice knowing you all.

On the bus into the office. That’s all I got.

Morning Meo & Marty & ATT

Hay fever is killing me more than the heat. Got my day off today, going to hopefully find some decently priced yet good quality shoes, then need to finish my reading group book between World Cup! matches.

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I’m with you both. My eyes are BURNING up.

And I’ve ran out of tabs :frowning:


In shorts and t-shirt cos of the future warmth today, but it was bloody cold waiting for the bus

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My eyes have started to get itchy and stream again, in addition to the constant nose activity, made it really hard to get to sleep :sob:


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Y’know what? My eyes have barely itched this year. Hardly touched my eye drops. Nose has been awful, mind. But I usually have an absolute time of it with my eyes.

good meowning




Really cba. Kind of want to confront my boss about something at work but probably won’t because it’s a load of hassle I don’t need.

Got the shipping notification for a boardgame I backed on Kickstarter about navigating consent in a human/tentacle monster sexual encounter, so that’s good.


Please tell me the title in some way plays on Love and Craft

No, but it is called Consentacle.


I’ll take it!

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Out with the dog. Already heard several gunshots. Always gunshots out here. Are these people using them as alarm clocks or something?

Slept better last night so feeling ok. Get through today and odd tomorrow. That’s about all I’ve got.


I’ve been sleeping like utter shit this week.

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Morning all!

We were thinking of going to Troon today but Wor Lass has gone to sleep on the sofa and I have a feeling it won’t happen.