Earphone/Samsung help

Hey up

Had my phone for a couple of weeks but as of yesterday, when I am walking my Spotify/podcasts have started pausing every few seconds which is quite annoying. Doesnt seem that the earphones are popping out either

Any clues?

If you hold the phone in your hand while you’re walking does it stop?

mine have started doing it too, after the last android update.

most of my bluetooth devices are fucked connecting to my phone now. have been waiting on an update / patch coming but nothing so far.

annoying as fuck, means i can’t use my headphones

edit: my phone’s a nokia not a samsung though

I’ve got a Samsung S8, and the only shit thing on it is bluetooth (compared with previous Sony and HTC phones). If you’re connected via bluetooth, check that the bluetooth connection isn’t still ‘scanning’ (i.e. once you’ve paired, select “Done” in the bottom right - that normally gets rid of the glitches when connected to my car stereo).

Yeah it does. Weirdly it doesnt happen if i put my phone in my pocket other way round either (dont wnna do this always as itl break the earphones)

Then what’s happening is almost certainly that you’re pressing one of the buttons, then the Spotify bar is flashing up on your phone, then your leg is pressing play and pause? :smiley: Happens to me sometimes

Might be an option to remove that bar from the standby menu

just went into settings > reset options > reset wifi / bluetooth / mobile settings then reset everything

and it fixed it

Presumably he’s using wired headphones

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oh right nvm then