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Has anyone had in-ear earphones that have lasted more than a few months? Can someone recommend a pair? Every single time one side of mine cut out and rarely last more than two months.

Don’t mind paying $ for a good pair that last.


Loads of them, friend. I’ve literally never had a pair only last two months.

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Are you a massive yanker?

Pair that came with mine are still fine although the glue holding the two wires has come apart so they knot a lot :frowning:

Really like these

Cheap and have a system to curl them up and self clasp

I’ve had pairs of Creative ep630s that have lasted almost 2 years.

right a bought some now. let this be a test of their longevity and a reminder to never start threads again

I have this problem too pal. You’re not alone.


YES TILLY. I bought some new ones. Probably should have got the 2 year product protection but sure nothing will happen to these like it has the last 200 times before

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exactly! I bought a pair with a year guarantee and they lasted 4 months. And I was too fucking lazy to contact them for a replacement so I just bought a different pair. which did the same thing 3 months later.

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these are my go to earphones, always get them. cheap, comfortable fit, good sound. sometimes they last ages but sometimes they do break a bit sooner than is ideal tbf. always much longer than 2 months though.