Earphones/IEMs recommendations

I’m looking for some high-end earphones since my RHA T20i’s got stolen. Looking around the USD3-400 mark. What do people recommend? I want wired with a Mic, I listen to everything apart from rap/hip-hop so fairly neutral/balanced sound.

B&W C5, maybe? Definitely a neutral sound. I don’t get on with the fit particularly well but you might be different


I don’t have access to specific brands right now but Shure are very highly regarded when it comes to in ears

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I had a pair and loved these while they worked, but then suffered intermittent audio cut outs, which a little research led me to believe was fairly common.

Next time some cash comes my way I’m looking to dip into the Shure SE range. Completely replaceable cables should be able to fix any standard wear and tear issues that earphones get over time.

Yeah, unfortunately I’ve had this as well. Had 2 pair of Shure in-ears, one entry level one mid level. They sound fantastic but after about a year you get this intermittent cut out and its not something that can be fixed with replacement parts/cable. I think the high end stuff doesn’t suffer the same issue but it’s a lot of money for the step up.

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I think they all have detachable cables now

Yeah, the ones I owned had detachable cables too, but that wasn’t the problem because I replaced the cable on both. Think its the connector between the cable and the earbud, it must get worn down or something.

It was a killer as I loved the form and quality of them. Had them repaired too but the same issue occurred again.

Sad to hear the Shure sets suffer a similar fate. I guess the abuse (even if one is careful) that these small and intricate earphones suffer makes it inevitable.

Guess I’ll just stay with my HD25s.

Love HD25’s! need to get another pair

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