I don’t think we’ve had this thread on the new board yet.

Anyway need some earphones, looking for durability over everything else as any I get seem to stop working in one ear/cut out frequencies or start playing up within about two weeks. I’m not a massive audiophile so I don’t need things that are mega expensive nessacarily, just wanna know what you use and are decent



what’s your budget?
how are they going to be used primarily?


probably up to about £60/70 but ideally less than that.

I’ll be using them just when I’m out listening to Spotify on my phone. Casual use.


Not a fan of earphones. Use headphones instead, AKG 550s. Cost me £90 but they sound good and have lasted me 3 years now, Need to change the ear cushions actually. But otherwise as good as new.


I don’t know why I asked. I have no idea.


wait - these ones are pretty good - and I think they cost about that.

they’re sony.


Yeah see I’m not so much a fan of headphones - obviously the sound is better but I like things I can just put in my coat/jeans pocket when I’m done, probably more likely to lose headphones


Never had a problem with the Sennheiser CX range. Even the 1.00s are perfectly fine.


Yeah I guess I just do most my listening at home or on a train/bus journey. I also suffer from bad earwax build up so in ears are a no go. There are plenty of pretty fold upable headphones that fit snuggly in a pocket. My on the go headphones never last more the 6 months though so I stick to cheap stuff.


Had my SoundMagic earphones for about four years and they’re still great.


Yeah they are an excellent brand for fairly inexpensive good quality earphones.


Seconding Soundmagics, with some of these instead of the included tips: