Earplug recommendations

I did a couple of searches for this, and maybe I just suck at searching but I couldn’t find much discussion on this, though I feel sure it has to have come up at some point.

I lost one of my trusty earplugs at a gig before Christmas. A lot of the stuff I like is loud, and I’ve done a lot of damage to my hearing over the years, so want to preserve it. So now I need to buy a new pair.

I’ve always had mixed experiences with earplugs. I never got a particularly fancy pair, though have also always gone for something a step up from those mushy foam ones. My last pair were 30 quid I think, something like that). Even then, I really find that they muffle the sound so much that it’s almost not worth being at the gig sometimes, and I only put them in towards the end or for support bands or whatever. I’m not talking about volume, more the fact that it changes the sound as well as reducing the volume.

Therefore turning to you guys to see what your experiences have been with earplugs and if there’s anything you’d recommend. I guess I don’t mind making the investment in an expensive pair if they really do the job. Though I’d rather use the money for something else if possible!

You may want to consider going down the custom moulded route if you go to a lot of noisy gigs. I don’t go to that many gigs these days (even in the Before Times) and I’m personally very happy with my Elacin ER20s.

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I use my fingers, and stand right in front of the stage pulling a face. Musicians love it!


I’d you can in any way claim you’re a musician or work on music you might be eligible for this

I was barely working in music and still successfully applied a few years back

Another vote for Elacin ER20s. I’ve used them for years.

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+1 for Elacin ER-20s

Thanks very much!

I decided to give the loop ones a try. Thanks!

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the next thing i need to buy is a toilet brush, recommendations very much welcome !

I’m pleased with my EGGZ. cheap and have a filter

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In fact I’m wearing them tonight for part chimp

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You’ll need them :open_mouth:

Two bassists tonight. Two. That’s insane!


As a concert photographer I’ve been using custom mold with Eytmotic ER-25 filters for 15 years. For Christmas I got a set of Minuendo with a variable filter. I have not tested them at a concert yet, but some of my musician friends love them.

How have you found the Loops? Need to get myself some earplugs now I’ve decided and those are near the top of my list

@ttf for views too

/any other views on other earplugs generally

Decent. Did you go quiet, experience, experience pro?

I got some of these earlier in the year because my ears are really bad now. Wore them to Part Chimp (common theme!) And they weren’t up to it, even on highest attenuation. Don’t think over-ear peotectors would have been much better though; at that volume level it’s coming in through your entire skull.

At tamer/normal gigs they are great.you get a nice level attenuation, and it doesn’t kill the vibe.