Earth Hour

Who’s turning their lights off for an hour from 8.30 then?

i’ll give it a go but if i crash the car you’re in big trouble mister



I’ll do it about midnight to 8ish.

switch ON the lights at 8am?! what sort of windowless hovel are you living in?

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Such a crock of shit.

I’m shutting the whole Bureau


What will you call urself when introduced to people from other planets

  • Earthling
  • Terran
  • Child of earth
  • other

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Hi, beings from otter planet, I am @Avery. Please, have you a toilet, my gnome needs to go.

… What do you mean you don’t have a concept of gnomes? Who’s fishing your ponds now, hun?

… Oh, you’re all otters and do not speak human Earth English.

You’re so cute.


Is this a reference to people having otters as pets in the dispossessed

I’d like it to be, but alas, i merely caught one of my many typos before 'twas too late and worked with it.

…But now it is

… Unless is doesn’t work, in which case back to plan (et) a