Earth the Spotify playlist

Just thought I would share this if anybody is interested. I’m putting together a massive Spotify playlist featuring music from every country on Earth because a) I listen to Spotify at work and want to find new music and b) I have no life.

I put together a similar playlist for the World Cup last year and thought I would continue on from it.

Here it is-
If anybody has any good suggestions please let me know

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England - Radiohead

jk this is a good idea


Started doing something similar but forgot;

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was about to suggest Las Robertas for Costa Rica, glad to see they’re already in there!

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no idea if you’ve got anything Senegalese in there yet but this is good

and Tinariwen are always a good choice for Mali

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Yes found them on a list of recommended bands somewhere. They’re excellent and playlist aside, exactly the sort of band I’d enjoy listening to anyway

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Thanks I’ll give that a listen!



Finished the playlist! 192 tracks!

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I also made an extra playlist of things that didn’t make it onto the main list. Also things that were interesting or just made me chuckle.

It’s a bit of a mess!

Discovered a real liking for Afrobeat whilst putting the list together. Would quite like to read a book about it.

Also found some brilliant music scenes that I wasn’t aware of (Argentina, Costa Rica, Lithuania to name a few).

I’ll give this a listen next week.

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Made a trimmed down version which is 2 hours long rather than half a day

Oh mate, great work. Listening to this during the week.

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Jersualem My Heart and Paavoharju :heart_eyes: