Remembered these great bunch of GBOL last night… Anyone else… or just me? Arc’tan’gent still hits… like the British Tool but with less time between albums

Still occasionally revisit ArcTanGent and a couple of songs on Off Kilter Enhancement. Loved Karl Middletons voice but can’t help but think that if they were popular now he’d be a total edgelord calling people snowflakes. Absolutely no reason to believe this, maybe it’s because they’re so intrinsically linked with Tool in my mind.

Oh was he a bit of an indie hero… Did not know this? I was quite young (15) when I got into them. Evil Crawling I is riff city if nothing else


arc tan gent and the omega ep are both great. thought that comeback album they had a few years ago was surprisingly decent too

I only realised today they’d done another album. Will be giving it a go. Omega was a great EP! One of those bands that paid their dues but fuck all in return

Sound so of their time but ‘Deftones’ esque… better than the rest

Great band. One of those, ‘if they’d have been American they’d have been huge*’ British bands. I remember watching them at the Lost Weekend - iirc Karl stormed onto the stage before anyone was ready wearing nothing but what looked like shorts made of cling film screaming ‘GRIND AND CLICK!’ until the rest of the band caught up with him. Great entrance.

*as huge as a band that heavy can get anyways


Is that album what the festival’s named after?

Never heard of these guys but they sound interesting, based on what’s been said here. Based on their name, I’d have assumed they played Vaporwave.

They were an excellent band - really wish I could have seen them live.

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I was about to mention clingfilm and the lost weekend.

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Just going to put this here for anyone interested


Should’ve put the keyboard away during that third bottle of wine… this is nonsense

I’m glad I wasn’t imagining that. I’d be a bit worried if I’d made that up over the years…

Same. Didn’t NIN get replaced by Ash one of the days? Can’t imagine that went down well, I think my friends and I left to go drinking by the canal in Camden or whatever 14-year olds did those days

They did, yeah. Well, not technically replaced - Ash just got bumped from second headliner to headliner. They pulled out on the day as their drummer had the shits. Which for me and our mates who had traveled down from Yorkshire with nowhere to sleep was a bit of a kick in the balls. Couldn’t listen to NIN for years afterwards.

Yes, he had the shits! It’s all flooding (hmm) back now!

I was there too, pretty good lineup if I remember right. Think it was one of Hundred Reasons’ first ‘big’ shows after they started getting hyped and the hilarious and now thankfully forgotten Kill 2 This played later.

Trent Reznor has spoken about that cancellation since, he had accidentally overdosed and nearly died. Feel a bit bad about my 15 year old anger about it now.

Edit - Source

Oh shit. I had no idea. That’s a little more reasonable than, ‘our drummer has the shits.’ I get why he wouldn’t want the real reason coming out but surely they could have come up with a better excuse than that?!

Feel a bit bad now myself.

I saw them at the Fleece in Bristol many moons ago. Great stuff.

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