Earworm Friday


with links

Had this in my head for fucking days, the ‘keep searching’ bit. God knows why. When will it go?


tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty


Why would you ever listen to that album more than once?

Anyway, Teeth of the Sea have me.


i’ve never even listened to it once


this has been in there all morning after making one passing reference

quite enjoying it tbf. singing it out loud and everything.



haha shittest song ever


imagine standing on a stage and singing that in front of other people



hahah what a crock of shit


haha the snare as well. totally forgot about that.

oh yeah i’ll make it sound like pure baws just for a laugh, why not


Some amazing decisions on that record. “Hey Kirk, we know the fans love your guitar solos but we’re going to do an entire album without them. It’s ok though we’re going to raid your book of lyrics when you wrote when you were 16 instead. And Lars - we lost your snare drum so you’ll have to use this half empty crate of Fosters. Now let’s go write a classic!”


because it’s so terrible sounding and goofy I actually feel kinda fondly towards that albumwhich is more than I can say for the rest of Metallica’s alt-right baiting shit career


“inmates, we’ve got a treat for you this afternoon. the metalicas!”
“oh brilliant, this should be good i… wait… the fuck”
*stabs guard*


Hmmm. They might not be the most enlightened bunch but I can’t get behind that statement at all.


Just thinking of awful songs like don’t tread on me


As I recall And Justice For All was kind of anti-America in it’s clumsy way so the stuff on the Black Album was their attempt at redressing the balance it with something more patriotic (but equally clumsy). I don’t think any of them would be happy to affiliate with the alt-right. Especially not if affected ticket sales…

Not gonna defend them too much - not that much of a fan tbh - but I think ‘alt-right baiting’ is a bit harsh.


Hetfield did kick Dave Mustaine’s dog though and he’s eternally a cunt for that.


Unfortunately, some artists are not offended by their work being used to torture. “If the Iraqis aren’t used to freedom, then I’m glad to be part of their exposure,” James Hetfield, co-founder of Metallica, has said.

That’s a shitty thing for anyone to say, even more so from someone with his position.


Big hunting fan as well isn’t he? I’m definitely not saying they’re not bell ends. Even Lars know Lars is a twat.


Shit. That is a monstrous thing to say. I guess after the events in NZ I consider the alt-right to be terrorists and it’s a bit much to say they’re actively trying to influence people in that direction. But they certainly are a bunch of shits.

(This is not how I saw my afternoon going)


sorry to derail the thread anyway!