Easiest way to get rid of laptops?

I have two old laptops (one from 2005, one from maybe 2011) that I need to get rid of. There’s nothing on them I want to keep, so I’d be fine with them just going in the bin, but I realise that’s bad for the environment and also there’s some dim chance that someone can find them and find my university-aged browsing history. I’m not sure they even operate well enough now to try switch on and wipe them (I wouldn’t know how to properly wipe them anyway), so what’s the best thing to do?

Do your local council do a clean/up recycling service for old computers?

drill through the hard disk like you are a hacker in a film having to clean up and clear out in a hurry


No, not that I can find.

There are services like this out there that claim they’ll just take them and wipe them and make use of them, but I’d still feel a bit hesitant about handing them over as is. Also not sure there’s any refurb value for a 14-year-old laptop that weighs as much as a car?


Ditch them in the trench along with the bodies.

Small electronics bin?

Oh wow this could be a game changer - thank you!

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just fling it out the window


“Interestingly” a mystery laptop has appeared in my suite. Have I been hygged?

I can remember a house mate wanting to destroy a hard drive so we took turns frisbying it around the garden, trying to set it on fire etc. They’re surprisingly resilient.

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Eat them you ungrateful turnip


have you tried putting them in a drawer or on a shelf and forgetting about them forever?


We currently have maybe 7 laptops in our house. None of any use really.

Yes, and it’s worked fine for more than a decade, but now I’m moving house and really don’t want to move them again.

best thing for them imo

dont take up much space do they. take them with you

shove them up your arse


Weird, I was about to post that exact reply to andyvine


Wipe them up your arse