East Anglia in July - a holiday thread allowing our Bog posters to give advice and enjoy themselves

You may remember the Welsh version of this: Wales in July - a holiday thread allowing our Welsh posters to give advice and enjoy themselves
Well that is still in consideration but EA has just moved into contention. Anyone got anything to say?

We could coordinate it with a Fenino.

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My son would love that.

Think I’ve been to that Spoons.

I can think of no possible reason why having those stairs in a Spoons is any kind of a bad idea.

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I’m thinking more up sort of Norwich, Cromer type area for some beaches and shit…


Wells-next-the-Sea is probably my favourite Norfolk seaside town. Lovely beach, plus enough facilities for a family. Also would make a good base for exploring other beaches / parts of the county.


Why doesn’t someone just find me the perfect cottage type place for £500-600 from 15-22 July that sleeps 2 adults and 1 child.

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I know this sounds a bit “let me google that for you” but this website is actually not bad (it’s like Expedia for cottages, I think)


Have you ever used AirBNB? What does this mean:

Because on the search I have kids and it comes up and this is on it. Does that mean they take kids but it isn’t especially kid friendly or what?


They are all around the £1k mark…

That’s still pretty unclear isn’t it, are there open bottles of bleach left everywhere or something?

It has a very open staircase and some pretty hard looking surfaces but under supervision I don’t really see a problem with that.

You’d be lucky to get a 2 bed cottage on the Norfolk coast for under £700 I reckon.


Rent my house for £650, I’ll sleep at work. I’ll throw my housemate in for nothing.

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It can be ten miles inland. I think I have found one that i like for £500 around that area (with an openish staircase).

I’ll give you £750 if you are there too.

Ok, you’re on.