Eastbourne - where's good?

I’m there next weekend. Any good pubs or cafes/restaurants?

I also need to do a big long run as I am training for a marathon. Any good safe scenic routes you can recommend?

Is the airshow so will need to avoid the seafront really as it will be too busy.

I’ll probably pop over to Brighton to have a mooch at some point.


Pebble beach waaaannnnnkkkkkeeeeerrrrsssssssssssssss!!!11!1!!1!!1!

Probably some good Darby and Joan clubs

Beachy Head

Nearest exit


Get on a train to London, check out cereal killer cafe

I saw vic and Bob in Eastbourne last year, we had fish and chips beforehand at a cafe near the station called Pedro’s. It was really good if you like old school cafes full of pensioners.

There are loads of coastal paths around there.If you don’t mind running off asphalt, they would be good for long-distance runs in dry weather.

Only been to Eastbourne once, to see Animal Collective in 2011. Had forgettable fish and chips on the beach and the gig was terrible. Sorry I can’t help more.

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I keep reading the thread title as “Eastbourne - what’s good?” and imagining a rapper on stage yelling it out to an audience of Nans and it’s moderately amusing me.

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