Easter Bonnet Thread


What bonnets have you been involved in recently?


Our first without him :’(


For a second there I thought someone had made a thread about East Barnet :slight_frown:


You should make yourself one in honour

My neighbour just got a beagle puppy.


Happy St Patricks day!


ps your kid is gonna be strutting round the classroom like he owned the place in that bad boy. taking all the credit for your work on the bonnet thing


Maybe I should wear it to work instead…


Ironically we got Monty having first gone to see a Beagle puppy but pulling out as the breeder did not have correct certification


finally get the respect you deserve. This is a barbed remark.


That is incredible, what an excellent bonnet!! I forgot about easter bonnets, it is by far the best thing about easter. Why did no one organise a DiS one??


Crazy isn’t it? No Secret Easter Bunny either…


Have easter bonnets always been a thing? I don’t think I’ve ever had any involvement in one.


This is my first involvement too. Fucking nursery give out homework too which either I or my wife have to do. Bastards! I am give them shit loads of cash and get treated like this!



This is NOT an appropriate use of this gif


What are they going to do if it doesn’t get done? At absolute worst they’ll punish your child. You should just leave it.


I reckon I would probably have to do lines.


that’s why i used this one:


Oh shit, that warrants an actual



Does anyone else pronounce bonnet so it rhymes with Egon Ronay? Because I totally don’t.