Easter ☀️day thread and egg audit

Morning! Been awake since 6 because of the cat and on and off through the night with my ankle but it’s feeling a bit better now. Work from 9-4.30 which sucks, might be a bit calmer today though. Garlic & chilli roast chicken for Easter dinner and some tidying up in the garden I think.

Eggs then, what are you all packing? I have
1x Dairy Milk ‘giant’ egg
1x Double Decker egg
1x M&S ‘Bennet Bunny’ (joint ownership with Mrs F)

Happy Easter you lovely people!


Been having £1 Easter eggs for pudding about 3 times a week since around February.


Morning Funky

I’m going to the Colosseum today, I’ve heard it’s all old and shit. Gonna try to only eat one pizza today but I can make no promises.

Haven’t got any eggs and doubt I will :cry:


Eat as many pizzas as you like Jukey, you’re on holiday! I was in (on?) Sicily over Easter once, that was fun.

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Look at what my dad made for breakfast

“Wake up, Donnie”


Last couple of hours in Sofia before flying back to London. Sofia is nice and cheap. Thus ends my review.

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Eating some Peanut butter clusters and having a coffee. Eggs later. Have excellent days!

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I never knew rabbits had outys

1 x creme egg from my manager, which will be passed on to the niece.

1 x free from Morrison’s vegan one purchased as Sunday treat last week.

Feel fresh as daisy (probably still drunk), told my sister not to expect me for lunch as I thought I’d be too rough.

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Looks like a naan in the middle.


Watership Naan.


Alright funkyhouse

Like you, been up since early, but baby related. No real plans today tbh. Might take the baby somewhere, but who knows.

0 eggs

Do you get first dibs of the cheap eggs tomorrow though?

Not first dibs, but there are a lot left so there’ll be a lot of cheap ones

Zero eggs. Gf didn’t get me one because “you don’t like chocolate very much anyway”. Which is true, but it’s Easter ffs. I tried to force the issue by giving hers to her earlier in the week when there was still time to get one, but it hasn’t worked.

I’m now considering nipping to co-op before she wakes up to buy myself the biggest Easter egg they have, in a masterstroke of passive aggression.


No eggs :slightly_frowning_face:

Bit weird that my rubbish collection is still happening right now on Easter Sunday.

Going to Body Pump in a bit

Fuck that, what do you want from Co-op?

Morning peeps.

Went out for three pints last night and I drink so little these days that I’ve now got a hangover.

I’ve got a family meal today, so need to be on top form for entertaining the nieces this afternoon.



I’ll take anything thanks

no eggs

tired from :bike:

can’t stop thinking about how great this photo I took of @japes is :heart_eyes: