Easter ☀️day thread and egg audit

First outdoor lunch of the season. Have implemented a new outdoor buffet rule that is once everyone has put stuff on their plate, you’re not allowed to ask people to pass stuff for the next 10-15 minutes and can only take items directly next to you/not lean across

  • Great system
  • Shut up

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Get yourself a lazy Susan

This one is a steal!

You’ll never have to pass the potato salad again

I’m off out have a nice afternoon! x


Dinner served Alan Fresco today. Slow cooked yoghurt and turmeric lamb, aubergine and cherry tomato cuzzer, caramelised onion rice, peshwari naan.

I put sultanas in the rice, don’t @ me.



Painting done.

Now time for a shower before heading to my sisters with Easter eggs. Then we’re all off to a Harvester, I’m starving so I’ll be having my fair share from the salad cart.

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You really can’t put a price on that

Fanks mate :blush: State of that garden tho, but that’s what bank holiday Monday’s all about. How’s your garden doing?

Why would you ruin an amazing sounding meal by putting sultanas in the rice??

Was also gonna make a garden thread the other day, but couldn’t really be arsed


It’s a lot of work isn’t it :confused: we’ve got a small garden but it’s so full of weeds. Gonna give it a proper going over tomorrow, get the lawnmower out too.

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Waiting for my ride, enjoying the atmos outside me house

There is also a lot of mowing going on meaning it smells freeesssh


Had a ride


Now I’m in a pub garden waiting for a Cypriot kebab. This is the life m9s



‘Right, we’re gonna have a nice, relaxed outdoor lunch… but first I must lay down some ground rules’


:pray: :pray:

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At some point soon, I’m hoping @Gnometorious might get off the sofa and we can begin enjoying the evening sun.

If 1 was a Mills and Boon novel and 10 was the Thursday filth thread, I’d give it maybe a 3.

Making chill beats without a shirt on like what someone far cooler than me would do

Went out and bought me an egg because no one else was going to. Guess which bit I’m eating first.



Also look what I found earlier. Going to have to buy some cause I’d totally want to snog someone who tasted of irn bru