Easter Egg/related chocolate consumption for 2022 (rolling)

1x bag of Chocolate Orange mini-eggs

1 x bag Cadbury mini eggs

Mini egg bag a week since Christmas. Mini eggs 4 LYF


Really into the orange galaxy truffle eggs. Haven’t dabbled in much else this year yet.

Had a bag of mini Lindt eggs a couple of weeks back.

Maybe 3 or 4 of the creme egg sized Lindt eggs too.

6 creme eggs consumed
1 reeses egg
1 full size Easter egg
3 small bags of mini foil wrapped eggs

I love novelty chocolate and I regret nothing


Have one of those 75p Dairy Milk easter eggs for pudding once a week and have done since mid-Jan.
Approx. 8 bags mini eggs
1 bar of chocolate orange with mini eggs in
3 bars of dairy milk mini eggs
1 lindt bunny (medium)
at least 12 creme eggs

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No vegan eggs fucking anywhere apart from the ones who are about a tenner. I was on about 2 a week last year.

Almost bought some dark chocolate covered marzipan eggs in lidl yesterday, but resisted.


I have eaten about 20 of these vegan milk chocolate bunnies filled with cookie dough. Nice slightly salty dough contrasts nicely with the smooth chocolate 10/10.

Also had one of these vegan crème eggs which was fine but the chocolate:fondant ratio was way off. Not nearly enough filling for my liking and spenny as hell at £2. 4/10

These were good mini egg alternatives, shell slightly too thick so you get that nervous moment wondering whether your teeth are going to break first but overall tasty. 6/10

Had some of a 2020 vintage Cadburys egg the other day. The rest was put into some brownies

Those bunnies are so rich, i sometimes struggle to eat a wholw despite them being tiny