Easter Eggs

One of the highlights of the culinary year. I’ve been having a £1 cadburys EE for pudding at least twice a week for about 2 months now. Wonderful stuff, obviously Cadburys are the best, keep yer Hotel Chocolat and all that, gimme a Dairy Milk egg and a couple of cremers and I’m a happy man. We can talk about mini eggs, creme eggs, malteser bunnies and all that in here too if you like. Easter; what a time to be alive.


Very annoyed that I bought myself something from there yesterday and didn’t realise til we got home that it’s got nutty shite in it.

Overall though, Easter eggs are great. Like you, we’ve been ordering one in the shopping every week since they started selling them.

Now I’ve said that I’ve remembered that I bought Mrs F some little bunnies from there when I got her some more hot choc so I’ll reserve judgment but their eggs are all like £60 each so they can fuck off.


I haven’t bought myself or been given an Easter egg for years now :sob:

My mum likes to tell me how my auntie has bought me a chocolate bunny but she’s eaten it. Haha!!

My go to are mini eggs, love them. Also, creme eggs gboE.

Throughout the year schoko bons are the business, not eggs but they’re very egg-like in their shape.

Can’t be arsed with them

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Gave my mum (plus evil nestle Aero egg)

Gave dad a bag of choc orange mini eggs, since he doesn’t really do Easter eggs but didn’t want him to miss out entirely


Those two’ll see you nicely through to Christmas!


I’ll have you know it’s 5 days later and only the Lindt egg remains!

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That one’ll see you nicely through to Christmas!


I’ve bought myself a couple of dairy free ones and a Wispa one for my boyfriend. I don’t think they’re a very efficient way to consume chocolate though, they’re messy and take up a lot of space in the cupboard. Obviously this presupposes that you aren’t going to eat them in one sitting as soon as you’ve bought them, but I personally don’t do that and therefore have to make room for them without spilling fragments of broken chocolate everywhere.


Love them. Was absolutely outraged the other day when my parents said we weren’t buying any for each other this year because we’re too fat so I ordered a bunch and had a little one last night.

Dairy milk only for me, maybe a galaxy one and a Lindt bunny for some variety


One year when I was little lots of extended family & family friends bought me Easter eggs for some reason. I ended up with 21! We were still eating them in July! Best Easter EVER


Wasted’s basically an idiot.

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I had a creme egg the other day and it tasted like mint so I threw it away

I’m all about the mini diam eggs. I eat 3 every day.


Oh weird, my mum had a terrible habit of emptying biscuits into a tub with minty things so everything ends up minty. Maybe this is what happens.

Was never given Easter eggs as a kid. Think maybe my grandma got us some once.

Have a creme egg every day through Lent.

Love Easter egg chocolate much more than normal choc tbh. Think because it’s thinner. Cadbury’s is best.


I guess I can’t really piss on any post-rationalised pagan symbolism that manages to persist in modern culture.


Chocolate tastes even better in the form of a big egg

I always used to like tearing off a shard of the egg and using it to write stuff on the shell of the egg. For some reason, my main memory of doing this was me just writing “RINCEWIND”

I also enjoyed eating them


Absolutely the best way to consume chocolate, the texture and experience just elevates basic choc to a higher level.

We made our own this year. Big plastic moulds that you pour chocolate into with white chocolate and food coloring to make different designs.

My wife made green dinosaur eggs and I invented the Poached Chocolate Egg™.

Those moulds absolutely eat up the melted choc I tell you, you think it’s just a thin layer of chocolate but it all adds up.