Easter Eggs

Big fan of Easter eggs, and lindt bunnies, too.

My girlfriend barely eats chocolate, so I get to eat all her easter eggs, otherwise they sit there for months.

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If I want an Easter egg I have to go to the British shop where it costs between $15-$22 (11-17 pounds) for 1 egg.

More of a Lindt bunny man tbh. Love a Lindt bunny

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Are easter eggs not a thing there? Though at the very least Reese’s would do them or something? Weird.

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Always waned to buy the 1kg lindt bunny some day. Normally like £50+ though.

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I would have expected the capitalistic exercise of selling chocolate at a higher prices just because of it’s novelty shape would have been an absolute hit in the US.


This is what I have to deal with

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Really excited to see what the mrs gets me. I got her a kinder one coz it’s a fav

At school my best mate’s dad was a chocolate hoarder. He was born during WW2 although he was Irish so I have no idea if he had to endure rationing, but regardless he loved chocolate but was somehow compelled to hoard it. He would just take the tiniest little bits of his easter eggs and savour them. As such there was a whole dusty 2 metre shelf of them high up in my mate’s parents’ room, some years old.

I only like to eat chocolate in small quantities. Give me a strong flavour and a little piece… For most of the year!

At Christmas I will gorge on coins and big hollow reindeers and Father Christmases, at Easter I will go mad for big massive eggs. My mum has bought us three eggs, and I’ve bought us two Lindt bunnies (fucking righteous, they got slowly demolished across a three day span) and a third egg. Her Indoors trying to lose weight so can’t eat a lot, I’ve been tasked with chomping most of it while she’s away this weekend and I will gladly do it.

Does seem there’s no cheap eggs around this year tho. It’s all Nomo for the vegans which are very nice but £6 a pop. Last year there were massive orange Bournville bois in the local spa for £3 a go so I was having one a week. This year no such cheapness,and they started putting milk in Bournville late last year so friendship ended with them anyway.

When will Terry’s get off their arse and make a vegan choccy orange?

bf got me a chocolate orange Easter egg and some tulips :blush: :heart: what a hero


The optimum form of malteser tbh. Should just make these all year round and scrap the rest.


They’re very nice but let’s not get carried away.


Fine. We can switch to reindeers in the second half of the year.


Bought my wife a vegan chocolate egg from Oxfam. I’d imagine eating it is going to be a fairly joyless experience, but you’ve got to show willing, haven’t you? No idea if she’s got anything for me

Am I the only one who doesn’t exchange easter eggs with their partner? Will probably pick up some for the kids when they’re reduced after Easter but haven’t bought any yet.

They should make an Easter egg version/size of Kinder Joy.

??? :exploding_head: