Easter MONDAY thread

Morning DiS. Had a cool relaxing weekend. Bloodborne. Resident Evil 3. Food. Ale. Water. Juice. Little bit o’ chocolate. Mellow walk. Sleep.

Back at work now and catching a coffee before I get to it. Spent half of Sunday listening to this bunch and enjoyed revisiting their sounds an awful lot.

Over to you.




Morning all!

We’re up watching Shrek The Third. I can’t remember if I’ve seen it.

I think Wor Lass is doing The Child’s hair this morning so I’ll be trying to listen to the last fifteen songs on the Story playlist.

We have no other daytime plans (not even meal plans) so the day is an open book. I know things are reopening in Scotland but I’m not sure what else I’m allowed to do other than get a haircut.

You could go get a key cut.

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There is what appears to be a light dusting of snow everywhere. What the christ?

We’re having a full breakfast in a bit with links, bacon, tattie scone, etc.


Also team snow.

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Managed to injure my throat this morning by eating my cocopops clumsily. Today has got off to a flier.

Bairn one is loving the words ‘no’ and ‘right now’ which over the last few days he has employed to irritate the life out of his mother and I. Hopefully he’ll be less hyper and demanding today.

Nothing planned today but might use the new freedom available in Scotland to visit dfs tomorrow.


It is very cold and very windy, but no snow (yet). Think we’ll leave finishing the fence painting for another day.

Might brave a bike ride, or might just wrap up warm and take the dog out for a bit.

@midnightpunk their first two albums are absolute crackers


Quite jealous of Team Snow.

NW Glasgow is bright and sunny but freezing cold.

Damn cold and windy down here. Getting my shopping done before the shops get busy later. It’s my niece’s birthday so I’ll give her a call this afternoon and sing her a silly Happy Birthday - always makes her laugh.

No snow round here, and none forecast. Just a bit too cold to make going out enjoyable. So I guess we’re staying in eating chocolate all day then!

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Whyyyy wont it snoooowwww

Not much on today. Might go and play guitar very loud in a practice room. Need to do some spring cleaning as well.

For now: coffee.

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What is it that they kkkkknnnow?

Anyway. Priming the conservatory and eating some eggs.

Slept for 9 hours :muscle:


Bloody cold out

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’m on holiday. All day, every day


Ah good, it’s snowing.

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It is cold. I have a job interview for a job I actually ant this arvo.


Never heard it etc


Team snow but its melted already.

More painting this morning. So bored of it now.

Parents are supposed to be coming for a garden visit this afternoon but it’s absolutely baltic, so we’ll see if that goes ahead.

Snowing in my bit of east London so it’s probably the same for a few of us on here.