Easter Sunday thread


I am Hangover Man 2: The Return. Eating a chocolate fudge egg for breakfast, prolly not the best idea but whayagonna do.



I’ve just come in. There is already a party in my flat :grimacing:


Am aff it, just as a wee experiment. Had a few wee fantasising moments about an ice cold pint already. Only been a week.

Back to work on Tuesday, urgh.

Watched jack reacher 2 last night. Bog standard cheesy action but watchable enough.

Made a new twitter account last night just for pictures of my dog… I hate myself, ha ha.


At our caravan by the sea, waiting for the nephews to arrive and run amok. The weather is dreich.


Slept okay last night (was off the booze). Really sunny today, on work cover, then going to my Auntie’s for too much food and family stuff.


Still going from last night? JOIN IN!


Anglos a all. I’m in picturesque Veliko Tarnovo. Had some breakfast and a mooch. It’s started to rain now so gonna find a bar and see how many radlers it takes to get drunk.


Colin is not a dinosaur as I first predicated but he’ll do the job of a dinosaur until a dinosaur gets here.


This is how my friend’s cat celebrated Easter (contains picture of dead animal)


Ffs theo!


I have spoilered it now, sorry


Starting to regret eating that fudge

Have shittalkers remorse quite bad as well. Oh god.


Can’t motivate myself to properly sort my old house out. Have got the week off to do it though, so there’s that…

Brother cancelled picking his shit up today, so that’s great fucking news!

Just gonna chuck away my old cds, which is kinda sad but space is at a premium and it’s a long time since any alt bbz searched through them and were impressed so they can go in the bin


Is that the Easter Bunny?

Morning all,

Had 2 hot x buns for breakfast. Only got one Easter egg and a bag of mini eggs so don’t want to waste them for breakfast

Going to the parents-in-laws for dinner later.


Wallet them? Take much less space but then you’ve still got them.

That said, it does seem they’re basically redundant now.


It’s certainly a bunny!


you have to say what it is though, I was expecting a cat rolling an egg around or ripping up Easter egg boxes :grin:


freaking outttt abut my exams. just wanna pass now. I’m done with academia. it’s giving me a coldsore.


eggs for breakfast, pub by lunch, regret at midnight. have a good sunday everyone.


also decided I’m gonna write a book about intimacy, sex and relationships