Easter sunny Sunday

Morning. Amazed I am awake but believe I was woken up by my delightful upstairs neighbours.

Now have a decision to make. Get up and make the most of the day or go back to sleep for a bit.

Then… Telly.

U? Plans?


Morning! Getting over the massive amount of drinking we did to celebrate @paidinfull ‘s milestone birthday yesterday which basically means sitting on my bum and knitting and some spinning (wheel not bike). Planning on firing up the BBQ later before winter returns tomorrow.


Anglos a egg day

Should probably do some form of exercise but everything is so daunting.

Think R wants me to help him with making an insect hotel so will probably be sawing lots of old bamboo canes into short lengths.

Hope everyone is ok x


I have to say I’m already fighting the urge to spend Easter sunday drunk

Should probably play animal Crossing instead


Happy Eggs! Going to work in a bit.


Feeling a bit better thank yesterday, though I wonder when today’s headache is going to arrive?

Plans: roast beef for lunch, walk up to the railway line, that’s about it. Oh and trim my beard :white_check_mark:


Morning everyone! :hatching_chick::baby_chick::hatched_chick::chicken::egg::fried_egg::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2:

I’m having some scrambled eggs on toast and a coffee, then I’m going to go bike

Already ate half my only chocolate egg (bought for myself :frowning:) last night when I was drunk and irresponsible


Forgot the supermarkets are closed today. I’ve made a terrible mistake.


no cornershops/off-licences?

Oh aye but I had been hyped for the BIG SHOP


I tend to refer to Britain’s Got Talent as ‘Balent’ for brevity. A mate of mine is on there at the moment doing his ‘singing I Dreamed A Dream whilst walking a tightrope’ thing, suppose you could call it a Balent sing act.

  • Fucking hell. Why have you done this?

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Happy Easter!!

V was up and excitable for egg hunting at 6.45 but managed to keep him contained for an hour. Then we did the pretty eggcellent hunt that the Easter bunny had set up with rhyming clues and everything. Ended up that the eggs were under their beds, even R who maintains a teenagery saltiness at such things normally was entertained.


Totally healthy game of animal crossing


Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast.
Take dog for his walk.
Mow lawn.
Bit of sunbathing in the garden.
Lamb steaks for dinner.
Probably eat my easter egg at some stage.


Good to see you’re back on the paint waters :+1:t2:


It was an empty box after u scoffed the lot drunk and forgot about em wasn’t it?

Already fallen out with my bf for him wanting to talk about some coronavirus bullshit all the government are gonna use to stop us leaving our houses 2 mins after opening my eyes. He’s now sulking in the living room but I plan to sulk MORE.

I need to run today so will go once my weetabix have gone down

My iPad is in the living room :cry:

Had the worst night’s sleep. Went to bed at 10, fell asleep around 4. Ended up reading on the sofa. Was kindly given a slight lie in. Gonna have some breakfast, pop some washing out and figure out where I might get some charcoal from, as supermarkets are shut. A garage?

No egg :frowning:


Had a lie in. The kids woke me up with chocolate in bed. Not sure the day can improve on that TBH.