Easter weekend football thread


Surprised this hash been done already given there’s football on right now and Norwich are inevitably losing to Fulham (hello old friend)

Main highlights this weekend are an el clasico and conte pulling Jose’s pants down.



You’ve made a right hash of it, aye :wink:Probably not going to bother watching Chelsea put 6 past United (might be on a train anyway).


El clasico s next weekend, shows how much I give a fuck


Imagine not thinking a Utd game will finish 1-1



Played last night, no football today pal


Still some room for pants pulling there though


Brentford are beating Derby 1-0 so far, playing really well. literally no chance we’re keeping a clean sheet though.


Wolverhampton are playing Hove and Brighton later:


Oh Chris martin’s been sent off, that’s quite (un)funny


*unfunny coldplay reference*


Winning nil-nil away at Wednesday atm


Shame it wasn’t (all) yellow


Looking forward to the Newcastle Leeds match tonight.


A… conscious uncoupling from the match?!!



Only just come across the Kelvin Mackenzie column about Ross Barkely.



Conceding to ten man fulham, seems about right


He’s always been trouble.

Maybe he had a rush of blood to the head.




Oh. Yeah me too. Didn’t know he had Nigerian ancestry.