Easter weekend plans

you got any? always just assume that i don’t get time off so am always a bit surprised when I find out that I do. tell me your plans so that I might hoover up some inspiration for what to do.

gonna be cycling in mallorca :sunglasses:


Fuck all.

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Heading down to the big Ox to see some ATDs. Which is ironic considering I’ve spent the last 15 years making the reverse journey :woman_shrugging:

Eating chocolate and crisps, drinking beer.

Watching football in Leeds then going to birmingham :confused:

Away with my charity. All the lads and lasses.

which is no doubt very important to you

guess i’ll play guitar and computer games then



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I don’t like to talk about it usually.

Stop stealing my ideas, “pal”.

Going to a student film festival tomorrow to be in a GoT panel, watch some films and drink some beer.

Going away for a week starting Tuesday. Up north.

What are you doing for Easter weekend tho

Up to Leeds for the weekend. Seeing The Antlers, wanker beer festival, visiting the TVs grandmother and her parents and their :heart_eyes: five cats :heart_eyes:

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Was supposed to be staying at the pub where we’re having our wedding but apparently they’re not operating as a pub anymore which is LOLZ so i dunno, finding another wedding venue?

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we dont have friday off :-1: going to a festival on saturday night. might cycle somewhere on sunday and stay over. my friend cycled to germany a few easters ago but he’s stronger than me

Hop city, see my parents and fresh nieces.

Visiting my parents in Whitley Bay. I was hoping to go to watch Newcastle play but I can’t find seats together for me and Wor Lass.

Oh I thought you were talking about this weekend, got confused and thought it worked differently in the UK or something

I shall spend Easter weekend on an island in the North warming up in front of the fireplace with lots of red wine and crosswords

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Wait what day the antlers on?