late this year.

People like saying that so I thought I would give it a go.


Yeah, feels good.


Hopefully this won’t affect the race for Easter No. 1 too much.


I’m going on holiday with @japes, @svenrokk and @Tilly at Easter, BE JEALOUS

Should be a ripsnorter as people will have been able to save up to buy lots of singles since xmas.



Sounds great!

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Plus side though, loads of bank holidays and short weeks close together

  • Friday , April 19: Good Friday .
  • Monday , April 22: Easter Monday .
  • Monday , May 6: Early May bank holiday .
  • Monday , May 27: Spring bank holiday .

Fuck my wife better not give birth on a bank holiday. I will be LIVID!

Just tell her to hold it in ffs.

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In my new job I get the Wednesday and Thursday before Good Friday off too. That’s good.

Hmmm, yeah that is good. I’m really fucking pleased for you, McGarnagle.

It’s great that you’re able to take happiness at another’s good fortune Balonz. You’re an example to us all!

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lot of people (just my wife) saying if you take 6 days off you can be off for 2 weeks or something. Sounds too complicated, will just work

Who decides when Easter is? Do they get paid for this decision?

The Easter bunny, and yes.

Dan Brown, I think.

The pope.

Experts estimate the Vatican’s wealth at $10 billion to $15 billion


as a lad the story of the crucifixion used to scare me a great deal, i struggled to finish my easter egg thinking about it