Easy reads (book thread spin-off)



I’ve exhausted most of my book shelves and the only things left are daunting tomes like Alan Moore’s Jerusalem which I can’t really face at the moment. Rather than re-read some Bill Brysons or something, I really have a hankering to read some trashy holiday-style reads. Anyone have any recommendations? I’ve heard lots of good things about Lee Child’s books (like they’re “guilty pleasures” for loads of serious writers) but I just want something cheesy and compelling. If they’re available for pence on Amazon that could also be handy, though I guess I’ll try get down the library too.


The first Dune is a pretty fun read, but also has weight. Would recommend.
Stephen King also is easy to read but quite good (just the fucking endings are a nightmare).


The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie is (so far, I’m still on the first book) like ASOIAF but for those thick people who don’t get why it’s great and think it’s all stabbings and tits.

But it is an easy read, and quite compelling for wear it is.


Dune??? Maybe give War and Peace a go while you’re at it…
Agree on yer man Stephen King - love him.



I’m reading ‘Where’d You Go Bernadette?’ at the moment and that’s very breezy.

Also ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!’ is very funny and quite short too.


Legitimately think comedian Mark Watson’s books are really good in a very easy-reading way probably not gonna hit the “trashy” criteria though.

These are all things I’ve enjoyed in a cheap, page-turnery way in recent times:


Some Vonnegut is always good


Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch is pretty light stuff, as are the Hidden Library books by Genevieve Cogman.

Oh and Anno Dracula by Kim Newman for some trashy horror pastiche.


something by roddy doyle
or christopher brookmyre


Your Brookmyre recommendation has prompted me to also suggest carl hiaasen.


Dune isn’t that bad, its the sequels that are truly fucking bizarre.


oh yeah, never actually read his adult stuff but he was one of my favourite kids’ writers


Some Lee Child recommendations:

Killing Floor
Die Trying

(Yeah, he’s shit at book titles, but these ones are all great.)


This book is a must.


If you like Brookmyre, you’ll almost certainly like Hiaasen’s adult stuff.


Fiction or nonfiction?
Broadly what kind of genre are you after?


Was thinking crime / thriller stuff mainly… I’ve never read most of the big names, your James Pattersons, John Grishams, Lee Childs etc. Did the Steig Larrsons years ago which were quite fun though. Maybe I should catch up on the Dan Brown books I missed.


How about the Boris Akunin - Erast Fandorin books? They are quite fun.


Nick Harkaway- not trashy as such, but easy to read and a lot of fun. The Gone Away World, Angelmaker and Tigerman are all great (Angelmaker being the one I’d recommend most).