Easy Sunday thread

Oh mate, they were ace. Smashed through the hits, cool for cats was massive, did slap and tickle, take me I’m yours, tempted, muscles, so good.


No rain no thunder I am fucked OFF


Why did I never listen to Bane before


Morning kids

Off to see the immersive Van Gogh thing this morning. Literally no other plans for the day, so who knows what we’re up to this afternoon

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Really annoyed it didn’t rain during my run this morning as forecast. Accidentally put Faith No More on and it turns out my 17 month old loves them.


Literally just woke up on the couch. Must’ve fallen asleep watching George Michael.

Need to go to Boots later

Busy day ahead

  • Tidy flat
  • Order fan
  • Wes Anderson cinema double bill
  • Pub and read
  • Dinner with mum
  • Seeing Richard Thompson for the first time

Having a lie in for once. Slept for longer than 4 hours last night so that’s an improvement. Gonna do very little today until dinner at ol’ ma & pa funk’s later.

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Need to go outside today for MH reasons.

We’re having a coincidentally timed BBQ with my in laws later so looking forward to that :+1:

Finally rained last night but we left the hammock out :-1:

Nice relaxing morning of crossword and tea so far :+1:

Sort of mean gripe keep having to see our friends who have a very little baby every weekend and it’s wearing very thin. Not massively into spending several hours watching on while they attend to baby but feel bad because they clearly want company


They were (are?) so much fun!

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Seeing them on Friday! Can’t wait

It’s hard to see in the picture, but there are three balls in there :man_facepalming:


Code Orange are there too, might have a sob if they get Reba to do this

Oh man a 9am checkout would’ve been the end of me

Yeah it was an amazing wedding thanks. V close friend who I’ve known since school and used to live with and has always been goat level legend of a mate, plus his wife is amazing and they’re one of the most uncannily well matched couples who’ve ever existed. Last ones of our longtime friend group to get married other than me and Her Indoors, they’ve really made us feel like we need to get our wedding game in order. Really beautiful ceremony, reception room decorated impeccably, food insane, speeches all brilliant, dancefloor popping off. Honestly one of the best nights ever


Amazing, sounds a cracking one! Got one in two weeks in York, very up for that

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awh amazing, they’ve just got so many bangers, and Rent’s just incredible. Delighted you had a good time Slick :heart_eyes:


Would love this