'Easy-to-cook' foods that are nonetheless difficult to get just right

Croissants. Very narrow sweet spot between underdone and overdone


How are croissants easy to cook? Don’t you have to make the pastry 24 hours in advance or something?

Presume he’s talking about bake at home ones




I know people who boil and drain rice the same way as pasta.

Frying eggs. Always missing the window between undercooked with runny yolk and burnt to crisp.

Oh right. I vaguely recall seeing these but they were by some company noted for making shit premade baked goods like Dr Oetker


Count your blessings that this is a weekend thread, else you’d have a zillion people telling you their failsafe rice cooking techniques.

(Boiled water just covering the rice; lowest heat; pan covered; 14 minutes. Just so you know)


Bacon and sausage

Bacon is easy to crisp up man. I like it that way sometimes tho.

Steak too. Don’t enjoy rubbery steak.

*mutes thread*


i just buy packets of microwavable uncle ben’s.

Check out profk and his science oven.


i used to distrust the microwave stuff but apparently there’s no difference nutrition-wise. definitely doesn’t taste as nice as rice you’ve had slow-cooking for half an hour though

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even generic long grain tastes bad, I can’t imagine going any lower

Oh I’ve got one: frozen pizza and oven chips. Should be piss easy but somehow either the chips or the pizza come out wrong.

I used to be really sneery about science-rice, but I’ve come round to it since we had our daughter and being able to do an acceptable dinner accompaniment in just two minutes became a hugely desirable concept. Still do rice classic-fashion sometimes (treat).

Same here. Aldi do a long grain rice mixed with bulgar wheat and quinoa and it’s ready in 2 mjnutes so I do that for our lunch sometimes - it’s actually really good.