'Easy-to-cook' foods that are nonetheless difficult to get just right

Stir Fry

Get a microwave rice cooker. Hashtag gamechanger

Microwaves arent a thing

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I cook rice in the microwave and it’s just normal rice, not the ‘microwave cook’ stuff.

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Seems like there’s no such thing as a bad day for discussing how to cook rice…


Roast potatoes
Mashed potatoes

IIRC, you need to stick the rice in a bowl of rice


Do this

I had some of that last night - was nice…

Uncle Ben’s or equivalent microwave rice

you can’t click these without voting. theo!!!

Toast. (Maybe it’s just because my toaster is crap)

This probably deserves its own thread, but yes. Surprisingly difficult to get the settings right so it doesn’t end up either undercooked or burnt.

Only time I ever eat toast is with a fry up. I’m so lazy I literally can’t be bothered to wait the 2-3 mins it takes to make.

We had a toast thread the other day I think… Could just convert that to “rolling toast chat”

Ah, must’ve missed that one.

boiled eggs, particularly when having to make soldiers at the same that are still warm for dipping

no I don’t want your methods

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Microwave the lot.

^singing that to the tune of the pre-chorus of No Scrubs