Eat out in Lancaster (evening)

Hello, and sorry for the very selfish and specific nature of this thread. We are off to Lancaster so my daughter can have a quick look round the Uni in a couple of weeks. We need somewhere to book to eat on Saturday night for two vegetarians and two normals.

Somewhere not horrible, but also not a bazillion quid.

Anybody know the area? Trip Advisor not all that helpful.

Oh yeah, I lived there for a while, I’ll DM you!

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Have a friend who lives so beem a couple of times in last few years but sometimes just killing a few hours between trains.

The Sun (Lancaster Brewery pub) had decent food and veg options.

Also had a nice curry but cant remember the name can message pal if that would be your thing.

Also may be worth looking at the veg options section on Happy Cow

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This is excellent, thanks!

Think it was Bombay Balti.

And my pal has just told me he has a kid now so thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for this chaps; I reckon we’re sorted now. Sun sounds good with maybe Indian as plan B.


If you like craft beer Accidental Brewpub is pretty good too.

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Ate at the Sun pub which was really lovely, had lunch at the music room outside in the square/sun which was also lovely!

Earlier we had coffee at the underground place by the castle which has a delightful garden sort of up and around, where a super friendly old lady showed us wild orchids!

We had fun!

Thanks again for the brilliant recomendations.