Eat Out to Help Out experiences

Please use this thread to document your use of EOHO


Thank you kindly

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Venue: N/A
Order: N/A
Cost: N/A


Venue: harewood house
Order: mushroom and thyme roll, veggie chillie courgette cake, and a brownie
Price: idk maybe £10

Not been once. On quite a tight budget but would rather go at quieter times.

Been in a couple of places participating just having beers and it looked like the staff were very overloaded and some customers were being a bit pushy given the circumstances.

Venue:local Indian
Order: 2 curry’s, rice, naan, 2 cokes
Cost £15

Venue: gastro pub steak night
Order: 4x 3courses including steak main course
Cost: £50

Venue:tapas place
Order: shit loads of tapas for 2
Cost: £65

Venue: city centre Indian
Order:3 courses set menu X2
Cost £20

Ended up just buying twice as much food. Job well done.


Totally forgot about it and went out for brekko the other day, pleasantly surprised at the till. Gave a nice tip instead.

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Surprised they’re not extending it tbh


Didn’t pay any attention to a Tory government telling me to go forth and consume in the middle of a pandemic/10



Rishi’s rinse out.

Fed the family to £10 at the MC, that’s it.

Master of Ceremonies?

Venue. Mcdonalds
Order. 35 big macs
Price 8 pounds.


& DJ Pied Piper

Only been once, to Local Indian. 4x poppadums, naans, currys, sides and drinks for £100. Strong PPE game too.

Only other meals I’ve had out I’ve had on Thursdays or Fridays like a real champion.

Venue: a non wet pub
Order: substantial
Cost: €9

(Haven’t been anywhere, got a takeaway sandwich last week when I forgot my lunch and that’s it)


Venue: Hope & Ruin
Order: Pengest Poppers
Cost: Can’t remember I was drunk, I didn’t gasp when I received the receipt though

Yes last day today


Actually, went to pub with cafe thing.

Bought teas, kids drinks, cake, ice cream.
Was already half price cakes as after two so actually cost like £3 for all of it.

Venue: Kat’s Kitchen Keswick
Order: 2 big fat burgers, 2 soya lattes, a piece of lemon cake
Cost: like £12 or some shit, outrageous value

Venue: Tebay southbound
Order: 2 red dragon pies, 2 cans of locally made fizzy pop
Cost: forgot what but it was cheap I tell ya!

I’m not gonna name and shame but a yuppy ass pizza restaurant in South Manchester unlawfully gave us EOTHO on a takeaway order. When there’s no money for any public services we know who’s to blame. About a tenner gone from the public purse, disgrace.